Finding Your Truth

I could have easily titled this blog “Finding MY Truth” but that’s not what this written effort is about.  This blog’s focus is to help others in finding their own truth.

In reality, your TRUTH might not be the same as MY truth; but what I’d like others to know is that I compassionately encourage you in your explorations to find your personal truth because I know how arduous that search can be—how rocky the terrain that lies ahead—how tedious the extended journey awaiting you, simply to uncover those deeply-hidden secrets of YOU. 

And I also know how life can change in an instant when the winding, mountainous path that you were so confidently traveling suddenly crumbles beneath your feet—tossing you screaming off the cliff and out into space.

Having faced some of that unexpected “air time” myself, I know how shocking it can be when your life suddenly falls apart, forcing you to see how quickly you either learn to fly, or how well you can bounce once you do hit the canyon floor.  

Also from my own experiences in personal TRUTH finding (as well as surviving LIFE’s challenges), I know how rare it is to find others willing to offer emotional support or encouragement to get you back on your feet again without a ‘profit motive’ involved.  True, we all have to make a living, but there are times when you should compassionately look to help others without first considering what they can offer you in return.   

So up front here: I don’t want your money—in fact I don’t want anything from you other than some deep soul-searching to determine what you really expect from LIFE and what LIFE expects from you in return.

If you can answer those two key questions to your own satisfaction, then that’s plenty reciprocal reward for me.

Remember, MY truth may not be YOUR truth, but I know MY truth better than I know yours, so that is likely what I will write about the most and hope you can see parallels or divergences by which to gauge your own truth. 

Life is an adventure—one we may never truly understand in this plane of existence—but one we have to navigate all the same.  So good luck!  As you journey ever forward, stay alert to avoid sudden pitfalls and just watch where you step in general, because it’s one big ‘cow pasture’ out there.*   

* (I’m from Iowa: If you think dogs leave an unappreciated ‘pile’ behind in walkways, imagine what a bunch of cows might leave behind during your pastoral wandering.)

Branches of the Same Tree

“All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. All these aspirations are directed toward ennobling man’s life, lifting it from the sphere of mere physical existence and leading the individual towards freedom.” – Albert Einstein

This quote may elicit a mixed reaction from many people because ‘freedom’ is a word that means different things to different people.

Here as the Einstein quote proclaims, freedom can mean transcendence—transcending the baseness of the human experience to honor our higher philosophical and intellectual aspirations.

OR… in the broader meaning, freedom can simply mean having the liberty to do as one wishes.

Right now to me FREEDOM means the ability to slowly regain the use of my right hand to live independently again—to do what I was once capable of doing prior to this broken wrist.

It’s true that all meaning in our lives is often relative to our personal experience of it, but for this particular quote he’s asking that we take an overview perspective on life in general—an overview of how and why we live our lives in this plane of existence and to understand that whatever is beyond our physical capacity is still very much an aspect of our total life experience. Broken wrist or not, it doesn’t change how I choose to view the world around me or to consider my place in it.

When mythic faith (religion), aesthetic expressions (arts) and factual documentation (science) all branch from the same tree, there’s a very good reason to more closely examine that tree’s trunk and root system to see how those vastly different fruits all grew from the same single source that originally fed them.  

That is how we honor our limited time on this earth—by more closely examining the totality of the human experience.

“It Is Not the Answer…”

It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.”

~ Eugene Ionesco

For me personally and for ALL of us world-wide, this 2020 year is BEYOND strange.

I’ve certainly had a bunch of questions over many aspects of our shared experience, but I know that there aren’t believable answers for them, so I just file them away in my mind since I’m probably the only one who cares about them anyway.  

I mean, look at the concept of KARMA for example…. You do have to admit that this past week in the political arena took a pretty amazing turn; so despite what I personally believe, there does seem to be a justice scale in the ethers somewhere weighing matters of significance.  Or at least that’s how I choose to view it.

All I know is that every day I do my best to face whatever happens with both courage and the determination to keep going no matter what obstacles might arise before me.

That’s all any of us can do.

For in the process of persisting to survive and in striving to create a better world around us, we grow our personal character as well as our group efforts to declare that “We WILL make the world a better place for everyone, today and every day here after.”    

And actually MEAN IT.

Reflections On My Left Hand

I have far greater appreciation now for the lesser-used appendage: my left hand.

Last Wednesday morning bright and early I took a “woops” dive off the back stoop—two steps high. As I plummeted to the ground I turned mid-flight to brace myself before I hit the ground, and naturally put my right hand out to catch myself.  Really dumb move.

I remember seeing my right hand reach out to stop the fall’s force and at the same time thinking, “NO-O-o-o-o-“.  But my brain didn’t relay the message fast enough because my hand, wrist, and arm tried to protect my body from the worst of the jolt that I would soon face.

And I literally saw my wrist buckle in the attempt. Evidently my shock was so great that the pain was muted when I tried to raise my right arm and saw that the wrist was now “Z” shaped.  Oh so NOT good!  Definitely broke.

This happened around 7am and we left the hospital after out-patient surgery at 7pm that night with a titanium plate and screws now holding the two large bones connecting arm and wrist together.


So since that day, I’ve been only using my left hand/arm for everything.  (They actually made me illegibly sign hospital forms left-handed throughout that day.)

Nothing gives you greater appreciation faster for a secondarily-used appendage than being forced to solely rely on it for your every need.  I think I’m becoming ambidextrous.

But this past week has also given me greater awareness of how adaptive we become to adversity—we do what we need to do to survive. We find a way. Since I’ve always been a pretty independent, self-sufficient person, asking someone to help me do something just doesn’t sit well so I refrain from asking if I can figure out a way to do it for myself.

What amazes me the most about this whole learning experience is how flexible the left-hand has become during this past week. It’s like it is saying, “Hey, I was always here—you just didn’t use me.” And now it’s ALL that I use.

So I just wanted to mention a couple things here, that when you think your life can’t change from one second to the next, it definitely can; and the second thing is that whenever you feel like you can’t take one more bad thing to go wrong in your life, you can take it. You can do whatever you need to do, whenever you need to do it, because that’s what we do—we adapt, we find a way, and we keep moving forward because that’s the key to survival.

That’s how we’ve all made it this long doing whatever it is that we do.  We squeeze that lemon into lemonade, and just take an acid-reflux pill before we drink it.

Traumatic Emotional Impacts Become Looping Negative Memories

Saw a short video by Dr. Pat Ogden, the creator of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, on helping a young anxiety client to counter her own reactive responses to the world around her.

Ogden is one of the few well-known psychotherapists who treat clients more holistically recognizing that the kinetic movements or posturing of the physical body often provides clues to what is happening in the client’s mind.

She was telling the story of a too-quiet, young Latino girl of 13-years old who had been bullied and ridiculed from age 8 onwards.  The girl was very shy and had retracted into herself with a natural posture of cocking her head strongly to the side and hunching her shoulders. Had she been a turtle, she would have retracted completely into the shell.

After prompting the young client to explore what was going on in that cramped-up neck and shoulder area—encouraging her to just say out loud whatever images or memories came into her mind when she explored the physical body parts of neck and shoulder, the girl began to unravel an entire memory sequence of how badly others had treated her at age 8—particularly her peers; how terribly it had hurt and traumatized her when she had been bullied, scorned, and ridiculed by her fellow classmates—to the point that she began to view herself in the same negative way that the others had once treated her.

The current anxiety felt by the now 13-year-old girl was primarily due to the emotional impacts of previous cruelty by others; and those traumatic impacts at such a vulnerable period of her young life had created constantly reinforced memories looping in her current mind continually reminding her of her diminished self-worth.  So the memories from 5 years prior were still creating a barrage of negative programming constantly bombarding her throughout her present life.  

Dr. Ogden treated the physical body evidence first—encouraging her to slowly straighten her neck and hold her head level on her shoulders. When the young girl started lifting her head higher, it instantly created anxiety in her stomach area.  So Ogden then told her to put her hand over her stomach to protect her while she raised her head and straightened her neck.

As the body slowly straightened, the offending memories quickly surfaced from her earlier traumas as an 8-year old. Dr. Ogden told her to use the present knowledge and courage of her 13-year-old self to now sooth and help calm that younger 8-year-old version of herself.  Ogden encouraged her to help that younger version of herself regain her lost confidence and to reestablish her proper elegant stature.  (Sounds a lot like what’s called Inner Child work.)

By keeping her one hand on her stomach area to protect her energy field, the girl was slowly able to successfully straighten her neck and hold her head high and straight.  When she had accomplished that feat, she took a deeper breath and began to smile. That simple act of retraining and straightening the body to face the world ahead allowed the girl to shift her perspective on herself and the world around her; and it helped her to begin to redefine and eventually to rebuild her sense of self-worth.

All that diagnosis and treatment came from first addressing hunched shoulders and a head held cocked to the side.

I’ve listened to Dr. Pat Ogden before on treating trauma patients, and I like her straight forward, down-to-earth style to helping her clients. It’s practical and effective, and a little bit familiar.

Two things that rang very true here with me is that I’d previously mentioned that my REIKI clients tended to hold deep emotional traumas in various parts of the body and that I as an energy-worker helped them to release those trapped energies existing in those body parts, and by also utilizing ‘release statements’ in the process, which means the client must actively engage with the memory and intend to release those energies still trapped in their body through the breath.

And the familiar second thing was the “holding your hand over your stomach area” is a classic energy-worker suggestion for dealing with negative people to avoid their noxious projected energies, OR to prevent them from stealing YOUR energy by pulling it from your solar plexus region which is the easiest energy region for them to access.  

These are actual techniques that I teach to my REIKI classes—as energy-work, NOT psychotherapy.

One of these days hopefully modern medicine will recognize the holistic nature of the human experience and realize that we are much more than physical masses lumbering through our lives. Emotions are far more energy-based than they are physical-location-in-your-brain specific.

And even though memories might well be located in the brain region as stored electrical-impulse packages, they are also the basis for programming our current daily perspectives on our environment, and as such they can powerfully skew how we view the world around us and how we consider our rightful place in it.

I will repeat this statement over and over:  We are NOT victims of the world around uswe are co-creators of this world!

So let’s start focusing on creating something better here than what we must currently endure.

Walking the ‘Tunnel of Grace’

I was listening to Kaypache on YouTube and saw a Caroline Myss video from May 2020 talking about “The World Is Going to Start Over Again”.  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWAc1bRwSHg )

 I’ve been a Caroline Myss fan for decades and hadn’t heard this one, so listened.  She talked about her experiences at that time with the Covid-19 pandemic that spurred her remembrances of walking the Camino de Santiago a few years back.  

Her reflections at the time in May were on the feeling that no matter how terrible our personal situations are, that something beyond ourselves is governing our lives—guiding us to greater self-revelation and toward self-transcendence.  

She talked about how when she was walking the Camino that everyone traveling the same path, both coming and going, felt this tremendous sense of love and compassion toward each other—that all were walking in DIVINE GRACE—that no matter how great their life burdens, all were bearing them with determination to release their sadness and their grief to regain the lightness of Divine Love for ALL—and they were sharing their own abundance and their joy with each other—because they were all ‘walking the path’ TOGETHER.

Her thought at the time of this remembrance and revelation was that the world will start over again after the current devastation, and we can make it a more humane place—a more honorable place where PEOPLE come first, not personal greed.  We must simply discover how truly empowered we are to change our own situations and our world for the better—utilizing our self-empowerment for creating a better world for all of us.

How do we do this?

Be still. Listen to your inner guidance. BE who you truly are at your core—a Divine Being.

And in doing so you will transform your own life and revitalize our world to be the best it can be. You must simply enter that ‘Divine Tunnel of Grace’ awaiting you and all your fellow travelers walking their own paths beyond the Camino de Santiago.

Be still. Be centered. Bring that Divine Grace with you wherever you are, and the world around you will transform in your very presence. How can it not?

In our hearts, we are Divine.  


“True initiation is a response to an inner calling; it requires that you face personal challenges heroically, and to experience a genuine rebirth into a new way of being.”  Alberto Villoldo, PhD

Ask any screaming newborn just forcefully squeezed out of its mother’s womb like toothpaste from a crumpled tube, how pleasant birthing can be.

It is not a fun process; suddenly gasping for air through unused lungs while cold hands now control your every movement. It’s quite a shock in environment from your previous floating void where you squirmed about in liquid warmth lulled by the muffled thumping of your mother’s heart.

So to now expect your current life REBIRTH presently underway to be any less personally affecting to you would be unrealistic at the least.

Here is Alberto Villoldo’s take below on our current rebirthing as a collective consciousness; and for certain you can’t go wrong reading Joseph Campbell’s research on myths and religions if that spurs your further interest.

“TRUE INITIATION ( https://thefourwinds.com/blog/shamanism/true-initiation/ )

“Sometimes we wonder what Initiation really means and if we are responding to an inner calling or just making it through each day… 

The monomyth of the hero/ine’s journey detailed by Joseph Campbell is the classic tale of a hero that goes on a quest, survives a crisis, and returns home transformed. An example of a hero’s tale is that of Parcifal, and a heroine’s tale is that of Psyche. The three stages are the Great Departure, the Initiation, and the Return.

You probably remember vividly the excitement of your Great Departure. You were Called by Spirit to be a Shaman perhaps before you knew what it involved… After that you may have spent some time in the Belly of the Whale, where you experienced setbacks, underwent a metamorphosis, and were separated from your known world and self.

Next, you found yourself in the Initiation stage. A place of surviving what seem to be an endless series of tests and trials followed by moments of illumination. … Surviving temptation, you found yourself in the depths of Atonement …, where you confronted a life or death reality you conquered to move forward. Succeeding, you found a place of wisdom and understanding, Apotheosis.

Finally, after being purified by the previous steps, you achieved the Ultimate (Blessing), the goal of your quest, something transcendent like connecting with Spirit in a deeper and more meaningful way. 

Finally, you are in the place of the Return (home, to where you started). However, having experienced the extraordinary world of Spirit, you wanted to Refuse the Return to your ordinary life. … Upon your Return you are the master of both worlds, the spiritual and the physical, allowing you to live in the moment without regretting the past or fearing the future. You are home to share your Ultimate Boon (blessing) with others.

This is quite a journey. Maybe it seems to be a familiar one that you have taken over and over again. Looking back, you remember other Great Departures, other Initiations, and other Returns, and wonder when the journeys will end. Like the medicine wheel, the hero/ine’s journey is a spiral, each journey spiraling you higher. With each rebirth you reach another level of transcendence. …”

Another level of transcendence”—sounds like casually riding an elevator upwards to a higher floor of a skyscraper pointed to the heavens.

Transcendence is actually a personal metamorphosis of spiritual awakening.  The crawling caterpillar, once enclosed in the cocoon, actually liquefies its previous self to become the winged, multicolor aerialist capable of flitting from flower to flower.

You must transcend who you once thought that you were to become who you have the greater potential to be.

Perhaps that transcendence process is mystical and enlightening; other times it can take you to a clarity level beyond emotion and comprehension. Sometimes it can show you parts of yourself that you’ve hidden for so long that they seem like someone else entirely—both good and bad. A lot of personal shadow must often be exposed and released for true transcendence to occur. And that’s rarely pleasant.

Whatever it might be for you, once you actually REBIRTH your life, you may become quite different from the person that you once believed yourself to be.  Is that good or bad? I guess you’ll have to decide that for yourself over time.

But one thing I think you will discover is that after transcendence you won’t see your life in quite the same way that you once did prior. You will have new eyes, a new perspective, and a hard-won empathy for the struggles of others that will make you a more complete human package than you could have previously imagined.

In my experience, initiations are often painful but educational, just as your rebirth marks the beginning of your NEW life ahead. And only YOU can define that NEW life direction based on your own intentions for a better world for yourself and for the rest of us.

Winds of Change

There have been so many unusual energy influences lately that it’s often hard to distinguish WHAT IS WHAT among them.

There are changes happening to our overall culture, our group consciousness, and our social awareness in general, just as there is resistance to ALL of those contrasting changes culminating in broad-scale conflicts throughout the globe.

Some of us are ‘a part of’ those demands for social change, while others of us are ‘a part from’ those attempts to sway social intentions from their original stagnant paths.

For me I try very hard NOT to get caught up in the emotion and the rhetoric of the chaos and furor over any apparent injustice and inequality that we may see in our world, even if in principle I may support the overall counter-reaction to it; however at the same time NO ONE should condone lawlessness or criminal intentions that use rabid crowd fervor for opportunities to promote criminal intentions for the looting of businesses or for city-wide riots simply for the sake of acting out their frustrations and anger.

That’s just not smart, and it is a criminal activity that will be rightly handled by a policing force to stop it.

At times it may seem hard to separate one from the other, but when you look behind the scenes at the underlying intentions for sowing major social chaos, it isn’t hard to see some obvious beneficiaries to the aftereffects of it. That’s what you have to determine for yourselves—WHO benefits most from trying to manipulate public scrutiny over what is actually happening in our chaotic world at present? Is it the ‘movement itself’ driving the intended change or is it a broader manipulation of public perception toward inciting a carefully scripted reaction to the chaos with ‘fear of otherness?’

‘Peaceful public protest’ is a lawful activity guaranteed by the US constitution, but sowing public chaos and rioting/looting/arson are all criminal activities. There is a very large difference there.

And anyone who has pure intentions for social reform and justice should be commended for their dedication to the cause, but those who are merely using you/us for their own personal gains, they should be exposed for their true intentions and placed under a media microscope for closer examination, including those in the highest positions of power in the land.

I’m just saying that ‘the winds of change’ are definitely blowing right now, but you have to be acutely aware of WHY they are in your face at present—what aspects of intended social change are justified and what aspects aren’t; and from WHERE those gale-force winds that are creating such mass chaos have originated.

If you want to hear one man’s take on the energies of our time and how they are affecting all of us, I suggest this video. It’s worth a listen.

Lee Harris’s September Energy Update, https://www.facebook.com/leeharrisenergy888/videos/2595363977458437


Spangled Cotinga

Our Earth

“The spangled cotinga is a species of bird in the family Cotingidae, the cotingas. It is found in the canopy of the Amazon Rainforest in South America. Because of their bright, beautiful colours, cotingas have been hunted by native peoples for their feathers, as well as for food. (wiki)”

A few years back I began to really take notice of broad-scale color distinctions in various flowers and birds species. The more frequently I noted the range of amazingly colorful floral and avian expressions per species, the more I began to question the intention for them to be SO overtly diverse.

‘Evolution for survival’ being the main scientific reason given for any species diversity per region, I’ve seen examples similar to the image above but even more vibrant and colorful (like that Costa Rican hummingbird a few posts ago), and I question how evolution decides the uniqueness or specialty of a species representative—what are the specific reasons or advantages for that particular throat color or wing hue in that bird’s locale?

With flowers I’ve noticed not just the species color variant, but also the geometric pattern of petal allocation. Each plant seems to have an underlying design intention as a means of personal expression behind its blooming in this manner; so in my noggin I began to house the notion that if we could only decode the messages of intention that those individual flowering plant species were offering us (as exhibited in the languages of geometry and mathematics through their DNA-defined growth patterns), we might have a better idea of what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of this very strange world that we call REALITY.

Evidently I haven’t figured out the riddle yet—I don’t speak the geometry/mathematics languages well enough to decode the messages, if they actually DO exist; but I feel somewhat encouraged to have even considered that such an underlying “hidden intention” behind LIFE on earth could even be deduced through examining the blatant expressions of nature’s most alluring beauty which are clearly meant to catch our attention—especially through such vast diversity that we see per individual genus.

So to me as a member of the current human species that grows more homogeneous by the day, I think the key to our continued existence lies more so in appreciating our diversity—our unique differences—our colorful individual expressions of a species enduring constant evolutional stress; knowing full well that for most of us, we will always more resemble squabbling sparrows battling over limited perches on the bird feeder in the yard than we will ever resemble a Spangled Cotinga gracing a swaying branch in an Amazon Rainforest.  

Penning Your Destiny

Earthschool Harmony

“You must have control of the authorship of your own destiny. The pen that writes your life story must be held in your own hand.”  ~ Irene C Kassorla

For those who have no idea what that brassy-looking thing is in the picture, it’s an old-style fountain pen once used to ink all manner of documents prior to ballpoints, felt-tip markers, and way prior to computer keyboards (look it up online).  

Depending on the width of the nib end point, you can still use them for fancy handwriting or for artful calligraphy, but in today’s world, it’s an old-timey reference, as is the quote mentioned above.

But that’s good.

Old-timey references still do apply to our current lives. In fact, sometimes we need an old-timey reference to make better sense of our present situation because not only do we often TELL our own stories to anyone who will listen, we often write or compose them before we can TELL them—we create the setting in which we live, we define the characters of our life, and we determine the drama that ensues because of those self-defined interactions.

In fact for each of us, every one of our lives is a major production in the making; or let’s say that they CAN BE major productions, depending on how you view and treat your life. Are you personally in charge of this “MY LIFE” multimedia extravaganza, or did you sub-contract that effort out to others long ago?

Sometimes we are the direct authors of our own destinies, but other times, whether intentionally or inadvertently, we allow others to write our life story for us. When that happens in effect we have willingly turned the power to control our own lives over to them.

So as the Kassorla quote accurately proclaims “You must have control of the authorship of your own destiny. The pen that writes your life story must be held in your own hand.” 

Don’t give up to others the power to direct your own life in whatever direction that you choose. Use that old-timey fountain pen above to write your personal story in bold, broad strokes—mastering your own calligraphy—your own style of execution—clearly defining the personal message that you alone offer to the world.

Just make sure that YOU are the one holding the calligraphy pen that writes the story of your life. Then you will have no reason to credit or blame others for your future successes or failures.  

The Invisible WEB OF LIFE

A couple posts ago I mentioned that we tended to see what we wanted to see, and that how we perceive the world around us depends on that perspective.

I also mentioned that I had neighbors who despite our political differences, I knew would have my back if I needed them to be there; and last week it actually happened: I needed their help and they needed mine, and we were both there for each other, just like we always are.

Last Monday many of us in east central and northern Iowa experienced what was called a “land hurricane”—or a “derecho”—with winds 110 mph blowing steadily for nearly an hour in the worst locations.

It snapped trees and power lines all across the state—demolishing buildings like an F3 tornado. And there was little warning prior because frankly, most folks had never seen anything like it on land here before.

Of all the people in our small rural town, we were probably the best able to weather extended periods of power outage because we’d had a large propane generator-system installed a decade ago after a winter ice-storm power outage had kept us constantly babysitting our portable gasoline generator for three frigid days until power was restored.  

Our old portable gasoline generator-on-wheels (it’s a heavy beast) was pretty basic and limited in capability, but with a lot of personal effort to babysit it and every few hours to alternate power cords inside to different appliances within the house, it got us through the situation as it had in previous, less-lengthy ones. During the first 10 years of its existence here, we had been forced to use it many times, so it was a good investment at the time because over the decades, due to our rural location, we had relied on it because we had lost power on many occasions.

But after that grueling, mid-winter 3-day experience, we decided there had to be a better, more reliable solution to any future power outage here because we were getting too old for that labor-intensive BS; so the next summer we decided to have a large ‘whole-house propane generator’ installed for likewise ‘big bucks’.  (And after 6 solid days and nights of it running non-stop, we think it’s worth its weight in GOLD now. Best money spent EVER!)

So last week not only did our large propane generator operate dependably during the wind storm’s ferocity and for 6 days and nights after the storm’s remaining devastation (even though the generator’s electrical control box outer and inner metal covers had been ripped off by the wind, exposing the raw wiring to the rain before we could get it protected again after the storm blew through), we also still had the old portable gasoline generator as a backup system if necessary.

And we are very fortunate—our neighbors are great. We always look out for them and likewise they look out for us. On our acreage we had some storm damage to trees etc, but thankfully nothing to the house and out-buildings. After the second day of our cutting branches and gathering limbs for the burn pile, the neighbor guy saw us out there sweating away and  brought his chainsaw and his two teenage kids over to clear out the larger downed limbs for us—even hauled it away to the dump area for us.

And we in turn gave them our old sturdy, portable gasoline generator-on-wheels to give them greater power flexibility than the tiny generator that they were using—and told them to keep it—it is theirs now.  We also then helped them clear out their limbs and storm debris which they had stopped clearing away to help us.

That’s what neighbors do.  You help each other. You may not always agree on every aspect of neighbor concerns, but you do what you can for each other because someday, you might need it yourself.

It’s a ‘WEB OF LIFE’ thing. You might feel like you’re out there all by yourself in this big world, but if you looked closely, you’d see that gossamer strand exists between you and the ones closest to you. You are just one tiny droplet on that larger web, but you still are connected to every other droplet existing there in some invisible way.

In the big picture of existence, biased opinions and political inclinations mean very little to LIFE when your actual humanity and survival are at stake.

Look out for each other—BE THERE when others need you. And they will BE THERE for you! 

Because that’s what we do:  We care, share, and stick together!

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