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A Whole Lot of Nothing

 “The one thing that connects all things at all scales: space.”

Resonance Science Foundation 


Didn’t I just mention that many physicists think we are more nothing than something?

Well anyone familiar with chronic pain can tell you that it sure doesn’t feel that way.

What was that ‘importance of pain’ quote from the movie “G.I. Jane?”

Master Chief John Urgayle:
Pain is your friend, your ally, it will tell you when you are seriously injured, it will keep you awake and angry, and remind you to finish the job and get the hell home. But you know the best thing about pain?

Lt. Jordan O’Neil:
Don’t know!

Master Chief John Urgayle:
It lets you know you’re not dead yet!”

So being ‘a whole lot of nothing’ and still feeling the weight of intense pain (physical, mental, emotional), evidently has a function in this life.  “It lets you know you aren’t dead yet.”

That’s likely more hyperbole than fact, but the point is still clear: If you are in the Earth-plane zone, PAIN is an aspect of your existence—whether you are substantive or not.

You FEEL, therefore you ARE, which is likely the point of our being here at this time—to FEEL what it means to be ALIVE, not just to theorize on the prospect of ‘aliveness’ from a higher-consciousness zone like Spirit World itself.

I must admit that many aspects of this ‘earthly-world training ground’ do perplex me—like the ‘true intentions’ behind the actions and repercussions of existing here in this earthly dimension where PAIN is so prevalent everywhere.  

It isn’t that being here is such a piece of cake for the majority of people living at this time on Earth; it’s more so that ‘someone somewhere’ in the Higher Echelons of Spirit believes that we, in ‘earth-plane zone,’ all need to struggle to survive for us to build our character and consciousness away from brutal action/reactivity behaviors toward more compassionate non-violence.

And I’m not sure we are winning that battle for higher-consciousness training at this point in history.

Personally I can easily feel intense compassion for victims of any conflict anywhere, but for the perpetrators of such blatant havoc, devastation, and cruelty, “compassion” isn’t exactly what I am feeling toward them.  

But as the Master Chief said above to Lt. Jordon O’Neil: “Pain is your friend, your ally, it will tell you when you are seriously injured, it will keep you awake and angry, and remind you to finish the job and get the hell home…”

So I guess if enduring the pains of Earth-plane zone have any real value at all, it is definitely in making us better appreciate the less-painful aspects of this world’s existence as we “…finish the job…” here; and in helping us to look forward to returning back to our ethereal Spirit World home from where we originated.

There, ‘nothingness’ is actually something significant when you are in a higher dimension of existence; and lower-frequency worlds have lower-frequency consequences when you are visiting them—like we presently ALL are.

So as we gather to celebrate our ’99.99% nothingness-space,’ let’s also celebrate our capacity for kindness toward others.

PAIN is as real as WE are in this world. Let’s try to eliminate as much of it as we can for ourselves and for all others.



“You’re Not Crazy, You Are Psychic”

I do admit that seeing this title statement in my email box did make me chuckle. And after watching the latest horrors on the news this morning, that was a GOOD thing.

Seriously, how do you know if you are “crazy” or not in a world that is itself far from being sane?

Even the psychology text books over the last forty years have been vastly updated to no longer consider “abnormal” some aspects of human behavior (like homosexuality) that had once been considered abhorrent and “treatable” at the time.

I know this because I thought I wanted to be a Psychology major way back then, until I took some psych courses at the university and found the professors in that psychology department were some of the strangest dudes on the entire campus (no women in the department back then)—they were somewhat creepy—socially questionable—almost ‘horror-flick stand-ins’ sort of folks—thus inspiring me to change my major to ART after that semester.

And when you try to corral the “crazy” subject itself, it is nearly impossible to define what constitutes ‘our REALITY’ when researchers and physicists daily keep stretching the boundaries of what that ‘actual reality’ entails.

REALITY may be more of a frequency range that you tune in to, like turning a radio dial from one station to the next, depending on the receiver’s frequency-range capability. More ‘psychic’ folks tend to have a broader range of ‘radio frequency reception’ (greater bandwidth) than those who are stuck on one station alone.

I know that I’ve personally seen/heard/felt some very strange things during altered states of awareness—even to the point of being unable to shut off the “other-dimension reality” spigot for a time—which was far from fun.  Being constantly bombarded 24/7 with ‘everything’ that is actually around us (in other dimensions of co-existence), is as mentally challenging as it can get, and I’m NOT as psychically receptive to other frequencies beyond our normal ‘reality’ as many of my friends are.  (Our group-gatherings are a ‘real trip’ by any standard.)

When a similar “other-dimension-spigot-opening” accident happened to one of my former REIKI students at a Psychic Fair during her own exploratory attunement with a gifted-but-integrity-challenged person that she had encountered, I was able to calm her down and talk her through it, primarily because of what I had gone through myself.  Meaning: If you venture too far from shore during your personal explorations, you may need someone to help guide you back home.

So yes, it’s a strange world out there—and an even stranger world in hereup there—or wherever our minds actually are, because even THAT is in question—the actual location of ‘the mind,’ not the brain.

The brain is in your skull—the mind is ….well, that one is a matter of opinion because we may be more like tiny satellite terminals tapped into an unfathomable mainframe, rather than stand-alone PCs moving about our daily lives. No one definitively states that possibility as ‘TRUTH’ right now. But it has been frequently ‘suggested’ by many who are able to expand their consciousness beyond normal limits.

So my own thoughts on this entire subject are that if someone tells you: “You are crazy,” whether or not you are more psychically receptive than most others, I would simply smile at the person and say:

“Thank you!  I work very hard at it.”


Expecting Sanity in an Insane World

Sometimes I do find humor in my own ‘arrogant humanness.’

In fact if I couldn’t laugh at myself and how my hamster-wheel mind turns, then there would be little to laugh about in this world.

My closest group of friends, like the rest of the world around us, is undergoing their own set of personal challenges with devastating collateral consequences. So when they tell me of their latest trials and tribulations I nod or offer supportive words as a good friend would do; and then simply suggest that the collective energies are creating havoc everywhere, and certainly no one is immune from them—myself included.

But at some point I do start to wonder about this friend-group situation and the ‘advisory’ role I seem to play in it, and I think: “Who is the MORE SANE one here—you attempting to offer them solace or advice during their overwhelming challenges, or them flailing about as best they can in their own scattered fashion, staggering wildly around under their own overwhelming burdens?”

In other words: What makes me think I’m SO SANE in all of this collective mess that I can give advice to anyone?

Seriously, I mean WHO is really the sanest person in any insane asylum? Is it the incarcerated person there or the folks who must willingly in some way take care of them—cleaning up their perpetual messes?

Sometimes isn’t it simpler to just give up and play the ‘patient-role’ in the world’s deranged scenario and expect someone else to tell us that it’s all going to be okay despite what we are personally feeling about it; and then expect them to feed and house us behind barred-safety from ourselves and from the harsh world out there—all while we sit around doing jig-saw puzzles and taking our meds to block out the world around us—totally oblivious to the external world’s cruelty and indifference?

Isn’t it actually more sane to let someone other than us, deal with all the problems of the world while we numb ourselves out to our responsibilities and daily concerns? (And while some folks housed in an institution may NOT have a choice in the matter due to the severity of their disease/illness, other folks there DO.)

But then, my internal hamster-wheel starts squeaking madly and I think, ‘Well maybe it IS more sane to let others handle my own burdens—let others tackle the difficult issues around us—in our society—in our world culture—JUST LET OTHER PEOPLE DO IT—all while I distract myself in some way with trivial pursuits and domestic absurdity, pretending “everything is okay” because, hey—“IT’S ALL FINE!”—don’t you know? (Where’s my ‘frazzled cat’ T-shirt when I need it?)

Except it isn’t fine—it never really WAS fine. That’s just the mental panacea we tell ourselves daily upon awakening so we can make it through the day. Isn’t that what most of us supposedly ‘sane folks’ do to get from one day to the next?

So midst a lengthy friend conversation, when I am often tempted to “advise” my dear friends on their current personal catastrophes—like I actually know how to make it ALL better for them—I brake my noisy hamster-wheel to a dead-stop and say only, “I’m sorry for your challenges. It must be hard for you.”   And try to leave it at that.

What the heck?  I figure sanity is overrated anyway.

Becoming the VOID

Saw the image above along with the title: “Black cat climbs into bed and basically becomes the VOID,” and thought, ‘Yes, we perceive the VOID as intense blackness—a nothingness that we cannot comprehend, but is it nothingness or are we incapable of defining the something that it truly is?’

My guess is the latter because I’ve seen some pretty strange, unexplainable things during different states of awareness, so the two eyes staring back at you from the lightless background aren’t that far-fetched a consideration to me.  

There is SO much happening around us or even within us that is nearly beyond our ability to fathom simply because we can’t comprehend/consider the total context in which it can all coexist at the same time.  We keep trying to make sense of it from our current world-view, and it simply won’t comply with it.

Figuring out this world that we inhabit isn’t either a choice of it being THIS or THAT, or it being a matter of defining our existence with a simple YES or NO question that can determine the proper answer. The VOID itself may be EVERYTHING and NOTHING combined, and THAT possibility makes our world what it truly is: where EVERYTHING and NOTHING can exist together at the same time.

Some physicists would even claim that we are far more NOTHING and less SOMETHING than we can even imagine.

In fact I’ll bet the black cat doesn’t even know that he ceased to exist separate from the black hole that he is occupying, because to him the world looks the same from inside the hole as from outside it. He might notice your eyes grew large and your jaw dropped when he turned around inside to look back out at you, but to him you probably look exactly like the same strange human you always did who fills his food bowl and calls him funny names.

But when you consider what ‘the VOID’ even might be, I would suggest that it isn’t a ‘nothingness.’ It is more likely a phase change—a shift in energetic composition from one state of beingness to a different state of beingness; and for us earthly folks to actually perceive that ‘different state of beingness’ one needs to be capable of recognizing the sensory markers that define the VOID’s particular beingness state.

I’ve heard ‘the VOID’ defined in different ways—some being extreme opposites, from the total absence of any kind of existence to the energetic primordial soup of ALL possibility just waiting to be manifested and materialized—like when you are baking a cake from scratch, you first need the basic raw ingredients to combine to make the initial batter that then rises into more solid substance with heat and time. The VOID may hold the ‘energetic ingredients for ALL possible manifestation,’ just awaiting your command to create it.

Right or wrong, I’ve personally thought of ‘the VOID’ as the ‘marginal zone’ where discarnate spirits who have left their earthly body, but who have not transitioned far enough to make it all the way back to true Spirit World because for some reason those particular discarnate spirits get stuck in that ‘gray-scale zone’ (at least as I have perceived it), due to fear of the unknown awaiting them or an unrelenting loyalty to a living person still on earth, or perhaps due to some infamous “unfinished business” that they may still have with the living, as TV shows often depict their reason for sticking around.

A discarnate’s intentions may not necessarily be ‘to haunt you’ as much as they may be trying to make some sense out of what they are currently experiencing, when the world that they once knew now no longer responds and reacts to them reciprocally.

So for my two-cents worth, I may not know exactly what ‘the VOID’ truly is or what its purpose might be in the Grand Scheme of things, but I’m pretty sure it is more than just NOTHING, although I don’t know what the SOMETHING is, that it might actually be.  

Indomitable Spirit

“Here’s to the bridge-builders, the hand-holders, the light-bringers, those extraordinary souls wrapped in ordinary lives who quietly weave threads of humanity into an inhumane world. They are the unsung heroes in a world at war with itself. They are the whisperers of hope that peace is possible. Look for them in this present darkness. Light your candle with their flame. And then go. Build bridges. Hold hands. Bring light to a dark and desperate world. Be the hero you are looking for. Peace is possible. It begins with us.”

~ L R Knost 💚



“You are the surface on which the universe encodes information… you give the universe the surface to grow and learn.”Nassim Haramein

The image above has been around awhile, but the thought is always hard to comprehend so it is worth repeating. YOU are the UNIVERSE expressing itself for a limited time through the sensing/assessing mechanism known as “a human.”

Since we tend to comprehend complex subjects better in more anthropomorphic terms: In this analogy, you may feel like a separate digit, but as individual fingers you are still a part of the larger hand, which is a part of the wrist, arm, and torso of the entire being. You just don’t see that vast ‘BEING’ that you are a part of, much like a fish doesn’t register the water in which it swims.

The pain inflicted on others affects us ALL, directly or indirectly, because we are all from the same Divine Source.

Stop the pain. Heal the old wounds. Expand your consciousness to embrace ALL of us.



BE ONE with the ALL, now.


The Door

Couldn’t choose between the two images, as they both reflect my present thoughts, so will post them both together because I think that’s where they need to be considered—together.

I’ve previously elaborated on the KNOWN and the UNKNOWN (“Understanding Nothing”), so there is no point in trying to squeeze more from that thought; but when as Wendell Berry said, “When we no longer know what to do, we have come to our real work and when we no longer know which way to go, we have begun our real journey;” I think our current IN-BETWEEN zone between the KNOWN and the UNKNOWN is where we begin our next uncertain trek.

Whenever you choose a new door to open and to explore beyond it, you’ll immediately face a complex assault on all of your intuitive sensing abilities and your analytical faculties; and you are forced to muscle your inner courage to go beyond the presently KNOWN into new unmapped territory that might well be full of either ‘welcomed joys’ or ‘existential hazards’—but the problem is that you won’t know which situation you must face until you take those first adventurous steps down that previously unexplored path.

I think we ALL, as a collective presence on this earth, are on the first steps of a NEW path forward, and because we “…no longer know which way to go …” in our world due to the meglomaniacal, homicidal tendencies of one man with unlimited power over others; we are courageously trudging forward step by step together into the UNKNOWN, as a unified counter-force to his unprovoked aggression.

So as Wendell Berry said, our REAL JOURNEY has truly begun—we don’t know exactly where that new path is headed. We just need to step through that door together and ignite our courage to face the UNKNOWN before us.

Weathering the Storm

I’ve resisted commenting prior on the disastrous situation in Ukraine because to do so would simply be to add one more useless opinion to airwaves overloaded with them, and would be as hopelessly ineffective as all the rest.

But I do also recognize that there is something far greater happening here besides the obvious cruelty and existential aggression that the Ukrainians now face daily—this snapshot in history is a sort of ‘pull-back-the-curtain moment’ to reveal who/what are pulling the levers and pushing the buttons during this chaotic time—the erratic Wizard of Oz is being completely exposed.  And while it seems like an obvious revelation that in a kleptocracy one guy rules everyone else’s wealth and even their lives—meaning that one person determines whether the rest of the country’s people either lives or dies; because to him, all others are expendable to his megalomaniacal vision.

But what is happening right now is far more than about one man’s delusional aggrandizement, it is an actual energetic shift in the world as we know it.  And knowing what is actually happening in the world’s energies may help you ‘weather the storm’ better than not understanding how this BIG energy shift may be ultimately for the better, even though it sure doesn’t feel like it right now.

So I’m putting a few quotes and the link to Lee Harris’s take on the March 2022 energies here for anyone interested, because THIS overwhelmingly disruptive energy-shift is what I was feeling a couple weeks ago before Mr. Bad Guy amped up his homicidal aggression with a flagrant land-grab.  Lee describes the current overall energy chaos very well here.  You can see his entire 35 minute update at:


“March 2022 Energy Update:
Hello, I’m Lee. Welcome to the Energy Update for March 2022. Every month, I take the pulse on what’s showing up psychologically, emotionally, energetically, and what will be affecting us. …

…for this month, we are looking at the themes that we have for March. And last month in February, one of the big themes was ‘power’ and how power is going to be a huge focus in this year to come. Last year, that energy really started to brew, but in 2022, power is a big, big theme on the planet. February started to see this move in – you may still be going through shifting power dynamics in yourself, power dynamics in relationships, or your relationship to power in the world at large. So, that theme carries over into March.

But our first major theme for March is, The Fire and Change Energy of These Times. It is an energetic storm right now on the planet. And I know in some ways that may sound like a very obvious thing for me to say. But the reason I’m told to remind all of us (myself included), is that it will help you on those days where, if you are a sensitive, if you are somebody who is feeling all of the shifts going on or feeling bombarded by what’s going on in your life, just remember that it is an energetic storm.

And that doesn’t mean everyone has the same belief about things and it doesn’t mean everyone has the same life circumstances, but it does mean everyone is feeling it; everyone is caught in it in one way or another. So, whether they are conscious or unconscious about the way they are behaving in the world, you will be feeling the effects of the energetic storm.
So it’s really important to find your center, your sense of peace and your purpose. And I know on certain days, if you’re very busy or if you’ve got a lot of responsibility, that can seem hard to do, but it’s going to be key to navigating these times. Making sure that you have a certain level of support in place, things keep you afloat – whether they are practices that you do by yourself, or whether it’s having important people in your life that you stay connected to – to help you weather this time of storm.

Because the storm isn’t going away in a hurry. This is a very long arc that we’re in, a transitionary phase. And that doesn’t mean it will look the same every month, but it is important to remember what we’re being subjected to. And so, it can have many highs. It can give you many breakthroughs, many epiphanies, and all of that’s great, but there is also this undercurrent of the fact that these are very stormy times on Earth.

So, don’t be surprised if that is affecting your mood, your thought process, your sense of stability. And work a little harder to realign yourself with those things, even if it’s taking 10 minutes out of  your day, two or three times, to just unplug from everything and everyone, sit quietly, let yourself catch up with how you feel. There will be different methods that you will use, but to remain mindful of the fact that it is an energetic storm on the planet. That’s not something you are imagining. That’s not something that just you are going through. Everyone is going through that.

And it’s stirring people up in very different ways. This can also make us nervous, and the speed of change right now on the planet is amplified.
One of the things my guides, The Z’s, have always said is that as humans, we crave and fear change in equal measure. Makes those of us who are into self-growth and personal development – interesting choice that we have there! But they say that we’re often craving certain changes in our life, yet our programming makes us fear the uncertainty of what change will bring. At the moment, we’re in a very big change cycle on the planet. And one that is very unknown, contentious, has a certain energetic war about it, depending on where you look and what you see going on.

We’ve certainly seen a ton of division and separation and fear energy being thrown around. So, just be kind to yourself as much as you can, and be kind to others, unless (of course), they’re being highly abusive. Then you might want to step away and not necessarily be around how the storm is affecting them if the way it’s affecting them is having a negative, knock-on effect on you. So, the positive of a time like this is it asks all of us to understand our needs a bit more and to figure out, what is it that keeps us afloat? What is it that keeps us in a personal sense of (somewhat) balance as much of the time as is possible?

That’s why many, in the last couple of years, have really started to learn about themselves in a different way. There is a positive side to this too. But as we come into March that was the first message I was given and asked to deliver: that we are in an energetic storm. We’re all going through it. So, find your shelter from the storm in practices, people, places, and preserving and protecting time for yourself, even if it’s just a few short periods of time a day where you get to do something that makes you feel calmer, makes you feel a little more reset. It will enable you to show up in the world for the rest of the world if you’re making sure you tend to that. …”


…And if you subscribe to the channel, or if you sign up for my newsletter at, you’ll never miss a video….”


“I’m Fine”

Saw this T-shirt ad and laughed, remembering a time well over a decade ago when I was saying the same thing to anyone who asked: “Yeah, no,… I’m fine.”

“Yeah, no…” just by itself, said it all.  Inner conflict reigned supreme in me, and I was really struggling at the time.

My guess is I probably looked a bit like that frazzled cat on the shirt which drew all the “How are you’s?” from whomever I was near.  Not sleeping can do that to you.

Sometimes when we say, “I’m fine,” it’s far easier than trying to explain to anyone including yourself, how you really feel, or even attempting to deduce WHY you do feel that way.

Of course back then I wasn’t fine.  Not even close. But I knew I had to be FINE, so that’s what I was to anyone who asked. Anything else required unwelcomed friend-advice and well-meaning, but unappreciated, further questioning.

Being “FINE” was the only option I could let myself be at the time, so I can easily understand others who may currently shrug-off concerned parents, friends, and even healthcare professionals on how they are truly functioning in the world around us, because sometimes we aren’t FINE, but we don’t know what to do about it other than keep struggling through the miasma of our life.  

IF by chance you are presently feeling like the shirt depicts, don’t be like stubborn/independent me.  Get some help—and I mean serious help, like a licensed therapist.  Sometimes being able to express to an uninvolved person the worries that you hide in the deepest recesses of your mind can lighten the mental/emotional load that you are actually carrying.

Concerned friends may mean well, but they just can’t provide the penetrating questions that allow you to go to hidden places in your memories or to pierce your projected anxieties over everything occurring around you, to help you better understand WHY your head goes where you most don’t want it to go—especially at night.

I mean seriously, “It’s fine. I’m fine. Everything is fine,” doesn’t accurately describe this world that we all know so well:

  • Nothing is really “FINE.”   It simply IS—because it exists within all of its complexity and interconnectedness.
  • The world itself that we live in IS as it is, despite what we wish that world might be to us and to everyone in it.
  • Our partners are who and what they are, for better or worse, rather than who and what we often WISH that they were.
  • Our bosses are also imperfect people in their own right with their own particular weaknesses and occasional self-focused obnoxiousness that they inflict on others near them.
  • Many random people around us are sometimes rude and crude to others, and may have no respect for us or for our efforts. They often seem too wrapped up in themselves and their own concerns.
  • And despite what we may wish to believe, bad things DO happen to good people for reasons that none of us can even fathom; which only proves the point that LIFE is sometimes unfair when you only want it to balance the scales for you just a bit more.

BUT…. despite how the world keeps happening as it happens all around us—which is mostly beyond our control—we do still have a choice both in how we wish to view it and in how we respond to it.

So my suggestion to anyone out there who may bear some resemblance to this shirt slogan and frazzled cat graphic is to stop and admit to yourself first that YOU ARE NOT FINE; and then to seek out someone—like a professional therapist—who can help you wade through the current muck that is muddying up your life.  

Seriously now. It really helps to get another opinion on the overall situation from someone not related to you or emotionally invested in you in some way.

Sometimes you simply have to do what’s right for YOU, before you can attempt to help others.

And it’s okay NOT to be FINE once in awhile.

Abandoning Our Views

Tree of Life Fan Page

“For things to reveal themselves to us,

we need to be ready to abandon our views about them.”

~ Thích Nhat Hanh

The “In-between”

I was writing in my journal this morning and mentioned something about sitting here in my recliner just “contemplating the mysteries of BIRTH/DEATH and whatever lies in-between” when I thought, yes, that “In-between” is exactly what makes the BIRTH/DEATH cycle a purposeful and cohesive closed-loop system. It gives meaning to why we are here doing whatever it is that we are doing with our lives.

The “In-between” is the key location/concept/context to all of our earthly questions. (Seriously, it is.)

And of course this is not a new thought for me because I have actually conducted hypnosis sessions to help a client explore his/her Past-lives, as well as to journey to ‘Spirit World’ after their earth-based deaths to get pertinent information from the client’s Higher Self, as well as a client’s spirit guides and Great Spirit Teachers on what made that particular LIFE so important in progressing the client’s understanding of some personal issue or emotion or empathic connection with others. (It’s all about expanding consciousness and conscious awareness. Everything we do is about that.)

This Spirit World that they hypnotically venture to is actually the “in-between” mentioned above—it is the place that exists between Death and (Re-)Birth where the reason/purpose for existing again in this earth-plane training ground is discussed with the client’s council members, strategized for possible future learning value, and then CHOSEN by the client for reasons best suited to their extended advanced learning of that concept.

Another KEY point to note: We CHOOSE this life (and all of our LIVES) ourselves for reasons that seem perfectly acceptable to us when we are still in Spirit World. But the problem is that we aren’t allowed to retain that specific reasoning when we incarnate as it taints the purity of our new learning experience while we are engaged in it.

In other words, the reason(s) we are now HERE, is because of what we decided THERE in the “in-between,” before we picked our current birth place and our birth-vessel situation (a mother/family) to incarnate into once the whole process was initiated.

(Yeah, see what you are thinking right now is exactly why I don’t write about this much.)

I’m not speculating on this subject. I have conducted many actual “Past-Life and Spirit World Explorations” with clients—it’s what I DO; and while they are all a little bit different in details depending on the person and what it is that they wish to better understand about the complexities of their current life experience, they all are pretty familiar in the process of what happens to them and to the Spirit World location/inhabitant descriptions.

And most importantly I don’t lead a client. I only follow along with them, like a tour guide who walks behind them and merely asks questions as to what the client is seeing, hearing, and experiencing in general so we can record the session for them to take home and to later replay it.

It is a fascinating experience for them and me. And I take my ‘tour-guide job’ very seriously to maintain total integrity with them so they receive the maximum benefit from everything that they discover during the sessions.

I feel fortunate that Spirit World allows me to offer the service to others; and to try to help those who simply read this posting to realize that for whatever reason you determined prior in the “In-between” zone, you CHOSE to be here doing basically whatever you are doing, just so you could log the experience of it in your soul.



No victims allowed here—only willing participants.”


On the Same Wave-Length

Must be something in the air.  All the folks I follow are tuned in to the same thought frequency.

Alberto Villoldo 

“According to Quantum physics, past and future are not separate, location doesn’t exist, the world only comes into existence once observed, and this thing we call reality is one of many, possibly infinite, parallel dimensions.

Stories of shamans journeying between dimensions have been recorded for centuries. When a shaman enters a non-ordinary state of consciousness to retrieve information from the spirit worlds, could it be that he or she is able to glimpse into the many parallel dimensions of existence, theorized by quantum physicists?

One of the most groundbreaking findings in quantum mechanics is that if you split matter into smallest possible pieces (called atoms), particles stop behaving like solid matter. These subatomic particles can then appear either as waves, particles, or a mysterious cloud of ‘potentiality,’ while magically unbound by any particular location. All subatomic particles possess this type of shape-shifting ability.

To make things even more puzzling, when an electron (subatomic particle with a negative electric charge) isn’t being observed, it appears as a wave. The only time it takes a physical form of a particle, is when it is being observed. This theory has been further expanded into views of ‘quantum probability,’ that still eludes many modern day scientists…” -Alberto Villoldo