Chaos and Reorder

Being a fairly opinionated person in a world full of similar people is at times problematic. Everyone is so busy vehemently expressing their own views that they have little time to listen to the others around them doing the same.

So for awhile there I just sat back and watched, and more importantly, I listened for a change.

What did I hear?

I heard multiple expressions of pent-up frustration, deeply justified anger, and sobs of overwhelming grief at such vicious acts of brutality and unbelievable stupidity on the part of police, politicians, and self-focused opportunists—all trying to take advantage of the horrible chaotic situations around the nation, in their own ways.

The social airwaves were full of rage and recrimination—impassioned demands for justice and equality for all—and lots and lots of ‘WORDS’ were spoken from all sorts of mouths that are normally shut in fear of retribution from those in power who can make you quickly regret saying anything against their policies and practices.  

Those WORDS just started slipping out. Then more WORDS followed the first ones. Suddenly WORDS were expressed everywhere.

Some in power tried to silence them, but the WORDS just kept flowing. And the crowds just kept gathering; and then it went world-wide—masses and masses of people shouting, “ENOUGH!  NO MORE!”

These WORDS that I heard weren’t the phony slogans of a few ‘Covid-19 forced-isolation’ protesters, crying to the cameras “Give me liberty or give me death!” while posed securely with assault rifles at their sides, just because they could stand there with them lawfully—looking tough for the evening NEWS crews, and feeling smugly unassailable.

Had many of those armed, protesting groups been a slightly darker shade of skin color, I doubt that they would have stood there long without direct SWAT Team intervention to clear the area—which made the gathering WORDS main point entirely.

No, these WORDS that I heard were the WORDS of genuine dedicated marchers amassing for and demanding CHANGE to policing policies—change to social inequities—change to public perceptions—change to the group psyche of America and maybe to the psyche of humanity in general.  

But ‘status quo’ doesn’t give up its preferred seat without confrontation—without the occasional social chaos that forces a public re-thinking of WHY situations and events play out the way that they do in a supposedly civilized society.

It often takes CHAOS to force reorder in a society—a reconsideration for WHY the society’s membership has revolted and demanded change to its basic governing structures.

And it takes a lot of WORDS to force that society’s reorder, but even more importantly, it takes a lot of ACTIONS to finally make it happen.

It takes a lot of bodies joining together—as a mass of humanity. It takes a lot of unified voices demanding that it be done. That’s what the never-wavering, ever-present crowds achieved—day after day, marching, shouting, demanding social change—demanding justice for ALL victims of oppression and demanding justice for the criminal acts of violence perpetrated against them.

Those never-thinning crowds simply demanded justice and equal treatment for all. And more importantly, they demonstrated that they weren’t going away until they actually received it.

That’s what I heard when I listened.

And yesterday, at the funeral for George Floyd—who has now become the nation’s symbol for those WORDS highest expression, the WORDS were forged into indelible, permanent TRUTHs for all to witness and to uncomfortably digest—and people everywhere mourned his loss.

“I Got NO Ears”

I chuckled at a Berkeley Breathed’s “Bloom County” (on Facebook) comic strip this morning, thinking ‘How appropriate for this time period with everything that is happening—both virus related and beyond.’

I’ll probably catch ‘copyright infringement’ hell (again) for posting it here, but nothing makes the point better than the real thing.

While I also hate wearing the masks, I DO wear them since I was badly sick for three weeks with whatever was going around a month ago (Covid?—who knows), so I see the value in protecting not only myself, but protecting others around me from whatever I had at the time.

What struck me here with the Opus comic (I love the character Opus, who is not unlike most of us—well-intentioned, good-natured, and totally clueless), was that the little girl kept saying that ‘she knew what he was thinking’, then proceeded to project her emotions and opinions on his actions, when in his reality, he was stuck in the uncomfortable conundrum of ‘earless-ness’ with a protective device that required him to utilize ‘ears’, along with the ending statement by his antagonist that “Normal is no longer good enough.” 

Well done Berkeley Breathed.  

Sometimes with an impromptu Presidential press conference like yesterday, having no ears isn’t such a bad thing.

On Fractal Codes

Nassim Haramein

“There are fractal codes containing the laws of creation and the more we understand these laws the more we can apply the harmony that is apparent in nature as a more powerful force in our own lives. There is truth and purity in natural things and our contact with them nourishes the soul and illumines the mind.”Jonathan Quintin in “Sacred Geometry For You

My knowledge of fractals is more about visually recognizing them as such, rather than being able to explain what they are other than as self-replicating mathematical patterns that seem to extend into infinity.  

The first that I learned of fractals was years ago with the well-known Mandelbrot Set, which to a Graphic Artist at the time, were pretty fascinating images.

When I see them now displayed for closer examination, especially as living examples of nature’s underlying geometric design, I recognize how little I, or most anyone else, truly understand the complexity of the world that we inhabit and share.

I find this realization of my ‘overwhelming ignorance of the world that I inhabit’ quite humbling to me.

As Jonathan Quintin states above, “There are fractal codes containing the laws of creation…”, and of that I have no doubt. I can see evidence of that for myself.

My questions have more to do with “The Creators” of those codes and their actual intentions for their creations, which would include us and all of life as we know it, because I can easily see that nature is an intentional creation.

I just want to know WHY?

Seeing Through the Pretense Facade

“Enlightenment is a destructive process.
It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier.

Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth.

It’s seeing through the facade of pretense.

It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.”  

– Adyashanti

While we tend to think of ENLIGHTENMENT as the ultimate consciousness attainment level, it isn’t necessarily a fun thing to experience firsthand. It might be a level of awareness and understanding beyond any recognized intelligence known to humankind, but achieving that level isn’t something to push too hard for nor to take too lightly.

When your personal perception shifts to a different way of viewing LIFE in general, or when you develop an alternative perspective on the events that transpire around you, then the context of how you view your own life can drastically shift as well.

That was a somewhat clumsy way of saying that once you cut through societal smokescreens and social norms, then you start seeing things—people, processes, events, situations, as they really are—not as others want you to see them.  And when that ‘au naturel’ LIFE REVEAL suddenly occurs for you, it can be shocking or even disheartening, because many things that you once considered to be ‘unquestionable TRUTHs’ now become the subject of your mind’s numerous NEW questions.  

This ‘TRUTH unveiling’ process can even be psychologically destabilizing because you are instantly realizing that some of the most basic foundations of your earliest comprehension were built either on the unintentional ignorance of others, or on their intentionally-misdirecting propaganda—which to me is far worse than simple ignorance because the intention is to manipulate others toward a goal of some sort. 

So with Enlightenment, TRUTH will always be TRUTH, but fully recognizing this NEW perspective on it and not losing your mental faculties in the process, becomes the ultimate trick.  That is the destructive power of Enlightenment as described above.

It’s a bit like that Paul Coelho quote listed a few posts ago— “Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”     ~ Paul Coelho

Sometimes it’s not so much about what you learn of LIFE, as it is about what you unlearn of LIFE to be able to recognize TRUTH when it finally does reveal itself to you.  

The Intricate Design of LIFE

From Facebook: Tao & Zen

“The basic laws of the Universe are simple, but because our senses are limited, we can’t grasp them. There is a pattern in creation.” ~Albert Einstein

“See simplicity in the complicated. Seek greatness in small things. In the Universe, the difficult things are done as if they were easy.” ~Lao Tsu

Just admiring the apparently intentional design of LIFE—when you look more closely at the world around us, it’s hard not to notice it.

Yesterday I was busy mowing off all of those beautiful, white dandelion heads, so it’s probably a good thing I didn’t see this picture prior or it might have been harder to cut them down.

“What a beautiful array of amazingly-intricate, geometric designs…” is not what you are normally thinking when encountering thousands of dandelions poking up in your yard.

At least those weren’t my thoughts while mowing.

Alberto Villoldo’s Guided “Journey to the Upper World”

Just passing this option along to anyone interested in experiencing the standard Shamanic guided journey—this one being to the Upper World for specific purposes or for asking key questions.

These shamanic journeying experiences are fairly subjective, and usually you will travel to the Lower World prior to going above, so when he talks about acquiring another Power Animal during your journey, he means that you will have acquired one from the Lower World journey as well.  And they aren’t usually the same animal spirit (or think of it like an archetypal/behavioral energy pattern that this particular ‘animal’ often represents for you).  

As he suggests in the blog post, this will work best for you if you record the instructions to play back as you close your eyes and meditate while listening to the recording. (Suggestion: Read slowly into the recorder and allow yourself plenty of observation time between setting changes during the journey instructions.)

Alberto Villoldo—   “In this blog post you’ll learn how to journey to the Upper World, where you’ll meet your celestial parents and ask them to reveal your original soul agreement. For your first journey, keep your questions simple (there will be time on later journeys for broader questions) and be open to the possibilities of your destiny, whatever it might be.

Before you leave the Upper World, you’ll call out for a power animal whose instinct and qualities will guide you to your destiny. Even though it will serve a similar function to the one you received in the Lower World, the spirit animal that you’re gifted from the Upper World is almost always a winged creature, such as a hawk, dove, or eagle. It will teach you vision and the ability to put your life into perspective. …”

The rest is for you to record for meditative playback.  Hope you enjoy it.

The Comfort of ‘BELIEFS’

Beliefs, like relationships, are very complicated things.

Many people experience a degree of comfort in ‘shared beliefs.’  Some may even feel a sense of belonging to a recognized and accepted group norm often found in religious or cultural beliefs—where they may feel the welcoming support of their fellow members—welcoming, that is, as long as they abide by the rules of membership to be in the group.

As we are all aware, the world is full of numerous organized religions with specific belief systems of “do’s” and “don’t” for being considered a true believer of that group. The ruling structure of the unified group may even determine that group members should focus on trying to convert non-believers to their group’s particular belief system. Some group ‘converters’ might consider that task their ‘purpose in life,’ or some may simply call it their job to ‘spread the word,’ whatever that group’s particular WORD might be.

Being too numerous to even list here, each known religious group has their own particular perspective on life in general and on the “WHY” of everything in existence: past, present and future.  Some groups are similar in basic beliefs and some are quite different.  (Check out that fantastic graph about The Evolutionary Tree of Religion from my post “Searching for Life’s Meaning” – December 22, 2019)

But even among those who adhere to some form of shared communal-beliefs, whether religious or cultural, every individual still maintains their own personal beliefs that may vary slightly from their neighbor’s beliefs, or even from their other family member’s beliefs, because when it comes down to what drives our individual being forward from day to day, it depends on what we personally believe about the world around us and believe about how we do or should function within that world that we share.  

And what I most want to convey here is that our BELIEFS naturally evolve as WE evolve in awareness and understanding of the complexity of the world in which we reside.

  • As children we were likely told certain things to help us adapt into the belief systems of our parents or of our religious community (or of our society in general).
  • As adolescents we may have begun questioning some of those beliefs because they either didn’t make sense to our growing comprehension abilities or they may have countered what we felt in our own hearts.
  • As adults we may have come into full-scale rebellion on attempts to restrict us to the beliefs of childhood because as we matured, the world didn’t appear quite so ‘one-sided’ as we were earlier led to believe.  We learned that the world wasn’t so much the extreme polarity of black to white or right to wrong, but that it encompassed an entire spectrum of gray variations with nuances of rightness and wrongness to most every aspect that we encountered.  Even religious institutions that frequently advocated LOVE and COMPASSION, at times demonstrated the opposite of it, spewing hate language and condemnation of others.  How could that be?

But even when that BELIEF rebellion first began within us, we felt that we still needed to believe in something, but we just didn’t know what that something might be.  This was likely when you first began trying to find your own truth.  

This was when you first recognized that from your own perspective, the ‘truth for you’ didn’t necessarily feel like the same truth you were once told from your parent’s viewpoint or from the earlier religious-group perspective.   

You may have even noticed feeling prickly when around others who tried to tell you what to think or do because you knew deep inside that this ‘BELIEF-thing’ was something that you had to define for yourself.

And considering the larger composition of our lives, I think we can acknowledge that ‘believing something specific’ about LIFE in general is comforting to us psychologically, because if you don’t believe in anything, then how do you frame your world? How do you view your life? What is the purpose for doing much of anything?

That’s why we relentlessly search for something to believe in, because when we don’t have something specific that assures us that we are here for a reason, then it makes it that much harder to make any sense of our lives.

Beliefs keep us from feeling pointless.

I think we all have a deep psychological need to BELIEVE in some type of system of existence and purpose for our being here—for doing whatever it is that we are doing with our lives.  And as long as we recognize that our NEED for BELIEF is often what defines our life perspective, then I think we maintain a healthy view of our existence in general because we know that we tend to feel better about ourselves if we believe in SOMETHING, rather than having a deep, dark hole inside where the ‘meaning of our lives’ should instead be sitting.

My own beliefs have certainly evolved over the years. At present what I believe has more to do with what I personally experience and perceive about the world around me rather than what anyone else “tells me” is the truth about our shared life experience.  I’ve read a bunch of comparative religions, philosophy, and psychology books. I’ve studied Hinduism, Buddhism, Animism, Shamanism, and had various meditative and spiritual-journeying personal experiences, along with having slowly developed a few psychic-perception skills over the years; and what I know for certain is that what we think that we know of this world that we all share is minuscule compared to what may actually be occurring to us on all levels of our being, because we exist beyond this plane/dimension of existence—that has been proven to me many times. I have seen it for myself.

But these are the some of the core issues that you need to determine for yourselves.  You need to define your own beliefs—which means, you need to find your own truths.

You certainly don’t have to buy into any beliefs that I may share here in this blog—no matter how hard I’ve fought to make sense of all the personal experiences that I’ve had to date.

Just be willing to fight for your own beliefs—to see life as only YOU can see it. Then share your discoveries with the rest of us to help ALL of us see that LIFE is far more than we often give it credit for being. 

So by all means, do your own thing.  But do it with intention! Then at least you’ll be aware of what it is that you are continually searching for—which is your own truth.  

The Wounded-Child Within

Love that picture above.  

It expresses so clearly our inner need for closeness without all these additional words that I will soon add here. It shows our need to reach out to others and to be recognized and ACCEPTED by others—to truly be seen as a ‘being of substance’ within the structural framework of who we pretend to be when we isolate ourselves and try to protect ourselves from future social rejection or from the devastating pain of heartache.

No matter how large we become or how old that we grow, somewhere deep inside us is that small, vulnerable being who once needed parental love and nurturing—who craved acceptance and support from those closest to us, especially from those people who were meant to protect us from harm and to keep us safe and secure while we were growing up as children—parental figures who should have provided us with plenty to eat and a warm place to sleep—where fear and worries were something unimaginable to us.

But what was just described may not have been your earliest memories.  Unfortunately there are a lot of wounded children within many of us who are still craving the love and acceptance of others, but are instead feeling trapped by their own defensive adult structure that grew up protectively around them. 

Many children had to learn early on how to protect themselves. Some may have repeatedly tried to do that, but were beaten back into submission through their life situations until they simply stopped trying to defend themselves and merely learned what was most necessary to do to survive their ordeal at the time.

If that picture above really resonates with you or if it makes you feel uncomfortable, then there is something in that personal feeling of discomfort that should be explored—by yourself through journaling, or by a therapist or a certified counselor, or explored through some type of therapeutic process that allows you to safely review those earliest remembered reasons for why you first learned to withdraw socially or hide from others, or learned to keep your inner-most feelings stuffed deep down inside so they wouldn’t make you vulnerable to others who had complete control of your life long before you were capable of protecting yourself. 

Please recognize that there are many people who can currently help you to better support your once-wounded inner child; and one of the most important people who can lead that intentional rescue is YOU.  

Please be willing to open a new, safer space for your inner child to breathe freely again—let it know that there are others who truly DO care about it—others who DO care about YOU.  

Let that inner child know that there are people in your life who can appreciate you just as you are, even if you currently feel defective or wounded in some way—others who can support you—others who can help you to grow stronger and be better able to handle life’s challenges again.  

But first and foremost, YOU have to be the one who leads the charge for a life change. This is what personal transformation is all about—recognizing a need to change some aspect of your life—to make it better—to make your life more desirable to live—to find your true JOY in life. It’s not too late to find it!

Have the courage of those two little inner-beings in that picture above who are reaching out to each other.  

In the essence of our life experience, that is WHY we are here.  

Explaining the Five Planes of the Upper World

I had recently read Alberto Villoldo’s blog posts on the five planes of the Upper World, and thought I could recognize some aspects that I personally had witnessed during my own Shamanic Journeying or had unexpectedly “seen” for myself during sudden glimpses of planes of existence beyond on our own.

Villoldo’s 1st and 2nd plane explanations are here:

Here is the page for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th plane:

After reading his explanations, I would correlate what I personally call “Spirit World” to Villoldo’s 4th plane of the Upper World, but I’m pretty sure I’ve witnessed bits of the lower three planes as well.  While I’m not as psychically gifted as many of my friends are, I have had shocking moments of sudden visuals or audials that could align to Villoldo’s written description of those planes. 

The dark 1st plane must be where I’ve seen the wandering souls who appeared to me to look like 3-D photographic negatives moving about against a dark, gray-scale world.  There’s a very heavy energy there and not one you want to linger in for long.  During my brief exposures to that realm, I tried to help those I’ve found there to move higher into the light toward their true Spirit Home, but I’m not sure that I was successful in doing so, and perhaps as Villoldo claims, they have to reach that awareness for themselves.  

To me it was not a place you’d want to visit, let alone reside in—that I know for certain. I’m guessing that many of the folks there are recent deaths or ones who aren’t aware that they have died—they only know that they can’t seem to communicate with anyone any longer and they seemed angry, frustrated, or frightened.

That 2nd plane of plant world seems vaguely familiar—like in a dream-like world where you are wandering in a jungle until the overwhelming beauty of a particular plant comes into sudden display before you—and it’s almost like you can share thoughts with them—which was also quite bizarre.  I know that I gained a much greater awareness and appreciation for our houseplants after that brief excursion.  I now do believe that plants possess a form of consciousness, but it’s somewhat different from our own.

In fact what I weirdly experienced once in a physical-world outdoor setting was that plants, rather than referring to us as “humans”, may call us “the two-leggeds”, which may also be different in their life-form assessment from the “four-legged” roamers of the earth.  I suppose if you lead a fairly stationary existence, the mobility of the other earth-forms around you is a key recognition point—especially when you are often the recipient of their behaviors.

Case in point:  Our shaman group was in a wooded meadow one day, all doing our own separate awareness-exercises, and I was meditating in front of a small, freshly-wounded tree (lower limb was damaged; busted back at an odd angle like something large had plowed through the area too close to it). 

As was directed by our instructor, I was sitting there, eyes closed in a meditative state asking for personal healing for myself, when from out of the total silence I heard an angry voice as clear as day, say: “These two-leggeds think they are SO smart.  They know NOTHING!  NOTHING!”  

I bolted upright, looking all around me for who had made that fairly angry statement, but there was no one anywhere near me—no person, no animal,…just that wounded-looking little tree I was sitting directly in front of.  And there I was in all my hubris asking that small damaged tree to take my burdens into the earth.  The tree was right—we truly ARE ignorant. (But it did guilt me into giving it REIKI in trade while I sat there.)

That 3rd plane must be where I saw my deceased parents who were in a denser-energy, more natural environment. They seemed to be working in a garden-type setting with a semi-twilight background—but there were visible muted colors in the scene so it wasn’t the photo-negative, gray-scale world.  I had the feeling that they were ‘stuck’ there—or were not where they needed to be, so I tried to communicate with them both to help them move on, but got little response. This would correlate to Villoldo’s explanation of that plane as well.

The 4th plane I am more familiar with as it must represent the Spirit World that my clients and I have visited after the death of a previous life experience. Very bright place of intense light—lots of activity—lots of spirits moving around doing whatever it is that they do there.  This is definitely the place you want to go after death. This is the plane that feels the most comfortable and most familiar to us after our earthly excursions away from Spirit HOME.

Just saying, if by chance after death you find yourself in one of the lower planes of Upper World, hold to the memory that there IS a TRUE SPIRIT HOME of love and light, and THAT is where you want to go.  Ask to be taken there—remember it exists—think about it—what it looks like—ALL light and brightness, a feeling of being loved and accepted—a true feeling of coming HOME again. That is the goal after death—to go to your TRUE Spirit Home.  

That 5th plane, I haven’t seen directly, but I’ve seen some of the BEINGS who supposedly reside there and I’ve felt the loving energy that they exude when near me—it is unmistakable—very high frequency energy.  This level is the highest frequency of the planes of the after world, or of the Upper World as Alberto calls it. Supposedly your High Self also resides in that plane—the High Self is the composite database of all your earthly Spirit experiences, and it is to the client’s High Self that I make the request to guide a hypnosis client to a previous life that would further explore an issue still plaguing the client in the present life. The High Self never fails to deliver the results. — You are connected into the 5th plane through your High Self.


So at least for me, Alberto’s explanation of the five planes of the Upper World helped me better understand some of the very strange experiences I’d previously had when my visual/auditory psychic-awareness unexpectedly peaked and produced seemingly nonsensical situations for me to try to make sense of in some way.  

Hopefully Alberto’s explanation of the five planes of the Upper World is a viable possibility toward better understanding the overall mystery of the LIFE/DEATH experience that we all must face—over and over again.  It definitely helped me to clarify many previous odd and random personal psychic experiences that just wouldn’t jive with what I knew of ‘Spirit World’ from my own hypnosis practice.

And as I’ve said many times, we ALL are trying to make sense of our current life experience. Sometimes that attempt to ‘make sense’ seems a hopeless task that refuses to align to what we think that we already know; and sometimes it merely opens our limited awareness to the fact that there is LITTLE that we actually DO KNOW for certain about this LIFE.  

All I know is that LIFE isn’t what it seems to be on the surface.  You can believe whatever it is that you wish to believe.  But when you start to rack up experiences that simply won’t correlate with those beliefs, then maybe your beliefs are what you should question.  And maybe it’s time to consider some NEW beliefs or to simply NOT NEED to believe anything in particular—to just observe, experience, and keep an open mind about it all, recognizing that knowledge comes in stages and steps when the recipient is capable of assimilating it.

You know, there aren’t many 3-year-old ‘Molecular Biology’ PhD candidates; and there is a good reason for that.

Surface Tension

A water droplet maintains its spherical containment area due to something called “surface tension,” which roughly means that the elastic quality of the outer membrane-like surface of the droplet is dependent on external pressure inward versus internal pressure outward, plus the tendency of water molecules to prefer each other’s company over the company of the air molecules surrounding them—sort of a familiarity bias.

The true physics explanation of why a water droplet forms in the manner that it does is well beyond me, but that’s not why I mentioned it in the first place. I am fascinated with water droplet images because to me they represent a holographic depiction of the macrocosm within the microcosm—the wholeness is represented within the minute component of that wholeness.

All that makes water “WATER” is visible within the individual droplet. But the truth is that without surface tension, there would be NO visible droplet separate from the wholeness of WATER.

As difficult as it might be to grasp, it is a similar concept to how our individual energetic-bodies remain separated from each other and from the world of energy at large. We maintain our own individual energy containers because of some type of outer surface tension that defines us as separate energetic units.

You can say that our physical bodies define our perimeters, and that would be true were it not that upon death our energy bodies rise out of the physical body and continue back to from where they came.  We don’t just dissipate into the ethers never to be considered as individual units of consciousness again.  Consciousness continues, and we, the units of our recently accumulated consciousness through each life that we live, continue as well.

If we didn’t continue after death, you couldn’t request to explore a previous existence through hypnosis Past-Life Exploration, and get a complete story-line package of time-specific visuals and emotions to accompany them—all while sitting in the safety of a recliner in an office setting.

We ourselves are like that water droplet—a containment of conscious energy—a small part (microcosm) of the whole (macrocosm) of greater Consciousness in general, but yet we are a part that still represents the wholeness (macrocosm) of Consciousness within our own individual container (microcosm).

 As a representative water droplet, all that is WATER is within us.

Likewise for us on a human scale, as an individual vessel of conscious awareness, all that is Consciousness is represented within us.

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