‘Meaning’ Is An Internal Experience

Again, I’m just sharing a good source of info and inspiration. The online company “Sounds True,” founded by Tami Simon, is a great source of both. Here she is interviewing one of my favorite Jungians: Dr. James Hollis, whose focus is always on finding more ‘meaning’ in our lives.

It is well worth listening to, especially if you are trying to ‘Find Your Truth’ in this world of strange experiences.


What Is Wanting to Find Expression Through You? with James Hollis

Sounds True

“Dr. James Hollis is a Jungian analyst, a former director of the Jung Society of Washington, DC, and a professor of Jungian Studies for Saybrook University of San Francisco/Houston. He is the author of The Middle Passage, Living an Examined Life, Through the Dark Wood, and Living Between Worlds, among many others. With Sounds True, he’s released the expansive audio program ‘A Life of Meaning: Exploring Our Deepest Questions and Motivations.’ In this episode of ‘Insights at the Edge,’ Tami Simon speaks with James about the journey for personal fulfillment—how it starts, what it demands, and how it changes your life. James explains what it really means to take responsibility for your life’s path, as well as how you can rediscover and reclaim your innate authority. Tami and James discuss how childhood experiences shape our present behavior and what it takes to live fearlessly. Finally, they talk about overcoming lethargy and the joy of becoming comfortable with mysteries.”


A Loving God

We humans are amazingly self-focused (for survival) and because of that natural inclination, we tend to view the world around us as simply extensions of our own ‘humanness.’ That leads to interpreting/comprehending the world in which we all interact with certain proclivities; i.e., we anthropomorphize just about everything that we don’t truly understand—or in a sense, we give inanimate objects and incomprehensible subjects human characteristics and emotions to better assimilate them in our own minds—to make them more palatable—more digestible to us.

And while I certainly don’t object to the sentiments of being kind to others; I do suggest that perhaps viewing GOD or the original SOURCE behind all existence as having human-type ‘emotions of LOVE’ may not be quite accurate.

I do agree that the LOVE frequency is the essence of perfection and rightness, and is the overriding harmonizer of all lesser frequencies; but to assume that GOD is the ‘paternalistic’ overseer to all of humanity and looks upon us all with kind and loving stewardship, is not likely the truth.  

Those phrases like, “God is watching over you,” or “God is watching everything that you do,” are maybe not quite how we should view our actual living situation here.

When I hear someone angrily ask, “How could God allow this to happen?” to some heartless atrocity or intentional cruelness inflicted on innocent people; I think, ‘Do you really view LIFE in general, and YOUR life in particular, that way?’—like there is an omniscient ‘referee’ in this giant world coliseum of battling contenders who decides the ‘fairness’ of all human interaction?  Sorry, but I don’t think that’s the case.

And while I understand the reasoning for telling children that we live in a comprehendible, stable, and loving world, the facts don’t really bear that out—and they never have

We often look to organized religions to give us a solid foundation for telling us WHY we exist here—for helping us to determine the RULES of co-existence with all others—from “The Ten Commandments” (of Judaism and Christianity) to Islam’s version of “…”al-Din al-Jami'” (the Universal and Comprehensive Teachings of Religion).”  

Those RULES are meant to be guidelines for humanity to live in peace and harmony while on Earth. But the problem is that there are SO many different religions with SO many different interpretations of those RULES for co-existence with others, that it isn’t that ‘God allowing all the badness to happen to innocents’ is the problem. The problem is that some PEOPLE can be unbelievably heartless and cruel to each other, and All-Omniscient referees don’t actually exist to stop the cruelty, other than ‘other people’ forcefully stopping it.

This ocean of SOURCE energy that we swim in provides us with all the basic ingredients to create a life as we choose to create it—that is the premise of FREE WILL behind your behaviors. And until ALL people start viewing each other as ‘gifts of LOVE’—the highest frequency vibration of existence—then our situations won’t change for the better because as those holy scriptures declared, “GOD in HIS/HER infinite wisdom” gave that behavioral choice to us.

So it isn’t that GOD allows cruelty to exist here—it’s that WE do!

The Gray-Scale Zone

Over the last 25 years, I’ve been trained in many healing modalities—many techniques used to help facilitate a client’s progress during their own personal healing journey.

In other words: I know ‘stuff.’  I can do ‘stuff.’

My more spiritual work began with the Japanese energy-therapy practice of REIKI.  Then I received training in Karuna REIKI (higher-frequency version of REIKI).  Then I studied the eclectic mix of Shamanism, Compassionate Depossession, and lastly, Certified Hypnosis.

You know, ‘stuff’—the stuff they don’t teach at universities.

Some techniques work more effectively for some client situations than others; but I’m not wedded to any particular healing modality over the others. Knowing so many different techniques helps me keep an open and curious mind to whatever is occurring during the client-treatment process; and it helps me to theorize/philosophize on what is actually happening to ALL of us while we co-exist in this strange place we call LIFE.

So today I see in Alberto Villoldo’s posting his mention of ‘the gray zone’ that I’d mentioned previously in “Becoming the VOID” where whatever I perceived (‘see’ in a sense but likely 3rd-eye type of ‘seeing’) in that gray-scale zone appears as a photo-negative; i.e., whites of eyes are black, pupils are white, bodies are various shades of darkness, and the background is the nastiest overall grayness that you can imagine.

Alberto even mentioned it as the ‘void’ like I had said. ‘Gray-scale zone’ might be a more accurate name to call it, so I’ll just go with that because I don’t know how to explain it any other way.

There’s a vacuous ‘feeling’ to go with the ‘seeing’ aspect in that place. It doesn’t FEEL like this dimension of existence FEELS energy-wise. The Gray Zone feels more energy draining—more hopeless and endless—if those can be accurate terms to describe the place, which is likely just a different frequency dimension with its own rules and parameters of existence there.

What comes to mind as a pretty good simile to ‘the gray-zone place’ is that Robin William’s movie “What Dreams May Come” –the gray-scale zone is like the place where William’s depressed wife camped out after her death—because upon dying she didn’t make it all the way home to true Spirit World—she got stuck in that dark, hopeless place because she wouldn’t willingly move beyond it.

Now as one who has been shamanically trained in Soul Retrieval, I know exactly what Villoldo is describing in his posting: a practitioner goes in search of a client’s missing energetic soul-part because the client can’t fully heal without the missing part of herself returned; which means that ‘the missing soul part’ originally split off from the client’s main energy body during a traumatic experience, a shock, a grueling ordeal, or some other strange oath that they long ago declared; and it  could have happened either in this lifetime or previous ones.

It’s complicated to describe the actual process and how you really do it, so I can’t go into it much beyond this, but the story Alberto is describing gives a hint of how it transpires and how a wayward soul part can be brought back to help make the client more whole again.  If you are further interested, check out his blog post for the complete story.


“Healing the Death Within Us” –Alberto Villoldo


“All of us have felt haunted by death at one time or another. Sometimes all we see before us, behind us, to one side and then the other is death. For the shaman this can be a calling to initiation, and we are fortunate when we can have such an experience before our physical death arrives.

The danger is when we do not allow ourselves to die symbolically and be reborn, and instead become lost in a gray, forbidding place between worlds. Then the shaman must do a soul retrieval for his client to coax that soul part back so that the person may become whole and live fully once again. Part of the soul retrieval process is to renegotiate a new agreement with Spirit, exchanging ancient vows and toxic promises for more life-affirming contracts. …”

“The soul retrieval journey took Jean back through her years in a convent to a time long ago, …

During a soul retrieval, in the chamber of wounds, there appeared a dungeon-like room with a brass crucifix. On the bed was a slight figure, Sister Francis, the wounded one – a vessel of suffering. Building a fire of transformative light, Jean and Sister Francis brought out of the shadows all the wounds that had become like connective tissue for the soul of Sister Francis:  pain, humiliation, loneliness, depression, the unknown, judgments, whispers, groundless guilt, sterile solitude, the sheer void. As the wounds were consumed by the fire, Sister Francis’ sick room became a place of healing.

Sister Francis, that part of who Jean was before divesting herself of her habit, acknowledged that the misery, rumination and scraping of wounds had to end for Jean to be able to get back to the original beauty of her soul, and for her to heal.”

“… Healing takes place on many levels, and sometimes the body lags behind the mind and the mind behind the soul. Jean’s attitude toward suffering could change, but that didn’t mean the end of illness or disease for her.

If you would like to find out more about Jean and all the work we did together, read more about her story in ‘The Shaman’s Book of Living and Dying: Tools for healing Body, Mind and Spirit.’ “


“Context is Everything”

Just ran across an old Alan Watts audio called “Context is Everything” (Excerpt from the audio program and companion book, Just So: Money, Materialism, and the Ineffable, Intelligent Universe by Alan Watts – Context is Everythinghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKm-oQVcm74

I mention it here because it further substantiates something I’d earlier written about in this blog on the importance of CONTEXT in every aspect of our lives. (‘Understanding Nothing’ At Last )


Alan Watts: Context is terribly important because it isn’t just WHEN a thing happened that is important; it is also WHERE it happened—in what setting, … “ 

“The historical TIMELINE (WHEN) is important only by the LOCATION (of WHERE) the thing occurred,… and considering the ‘conditions’ during which it did occur.”


But there are other significant factors as well.

Comprehending the importance of the ‘thing that happened’ is ALSO dependent on the WHO that was involved in ‘the thing happening’—where whose perception of the ‘thing that happened’ becomes a subjective assessment on the significance of ‘the thing that happened’, both consciously and unconsciously to that person, meaning:  Was the WHO a direct participant in the ‘thing that happened’—a first-hand sensing/feeling device to it—or was the WHO a witness to the ‘thing that happened’ and therefore a judge of its significance based on their own biases and experiences?

All viewpoints and vantages must be considered to glean the proper information from every aspect of any total scenario, because “context is everything” in our reality.

Context is everything in our lives.

In fact I would say that LIFE itself is context-based.


Thinking this hard so early is starting to make my head hurt, so I will say simply that Alan Watts is always a trip to listen to; and sometimes he appears to make sense only to himself, but on the other hand, he does get you thinking. So that’s a good thing.

The Frequency of LOVE

Mystic Path to Cosmic Consciousness

Love and forgiveness form the nucleus of the Christ teachings. Far more than just a noble ideal, the principle of love is verily the manifestation of God in His creation. The universe endures by a play between good and evil. The effect of evil, delusion, is to divide and obscure and cause disharmony. Love is the attracting power of Spirit that unites and harmonizes.

The vibratory force of God’s love, consciously directed by man, neutralizes the power of evil. God could instantly destroy evildoers; but instead, He(She) uses love to coax created beings back to Him(Her).

In the simple words, ‘Love your enemies,’ Jesus urged man to cooperate with God in this divine plan of redemption: To love one’s neighbors, and to have a place in one’s love for enemies as well. …Naughty or good, all people are equally God’s children.”

Paramahansa Yogananda


As I understand it, Paramahansa Yogananda spoke frequently on the subject of Jesus and Christ Consciousness in general. Here are a couple books with his numerous Jesus-related quotes in them:

The Second Coming of Christ: The Resurrection of the Christ Within You, and The Yoga Of Jesus – Understanding the Hidden Teachings of the Gospels


Now in one sense it seems a little strange to be viewing the Hindu yogi Yogananda’s perspective on Jesus, especially on this Good Friday [which symbolizes the day of Jesus’ crucifixion, while Easter Sunday symbolizes the day of his resurrection]; with “Good” here being a questionable term to me that may simply mean a Holy Day or a derivation of the German-designated “God’s Day.”  

But the point I want to make is that in this above quote, Yogananda describes the frequency of God’s Love:

“…The effect of evil, delusion, is to divide and obscure and cause disharmony. Love is the attracting power of Spirit that unites and harmonizes.

The vibratory force of God’s love, consciously directed by man, neutralizes the power of evil. God could instantly destroy evildoers; but instead, He(She) uses love to coax created beings back to Him(Her).…”

So I mention this as one who talks a lot about higher-frequency energies and existences (dimensions, worlds).  Here the amazing yogi Paramahansa Yogananda, who could tap into pure God Consciousness at will, was describing how the frequency of God’s Love could neutralize all disharmony and bring it back into harmonic resonance with the Divine.   

Literally think about that: A vibration so strong that it can bring chaotic dissonance back into total harmony, and resonate so forcefully that it cancels out all other vibrations.

I imagine there are few people in today’s world who can hold within themselves such high vibratory frequencies as Divine Love; and likely darn few who can even recognize that we (all of us and everything that we can imagine) exist in a massive spectrum of energy frequencies, dependent only on our reception ability to the particular frequency zone that we may inhabit for a time.

If you have ever been in someone’s presence who can actually hold very high-frequency energy within their human body’s limitations, you will feel an immediate sense of overwhelming peace and contentment just by being near to them. THAT is what Divine Love feels like—powerfully calming and soothing—you’ll want to stay in it forever because that’s not the energy that you normally feel around most folks—nor is it the energy that most of us are capable of holding for ourselves in this world.

So no matter what faith you follow, just keep this in mind: Love and forgiveness form the nucleus of the Christ teachings. Far more than just a noble ideal, the principle of love is verily the manifestation of God in His creation….”

Divine Consciousness may give us the ability to express ourselves and direct our personal energies in whatever way that we wish—for good or for evil deeds; but if you (or your particular religion) consider yourself as select or elite within God’s Divine Plan, then I think that you are missing the point of it completely.

A Whole Lot of Nothing

 “The one thing that connects all things at all scales: space.”

Resonance Science Foundation 


Didn’t I just mention that many physicists think we are more nothing than something?

Well anyone familiar with chronic pain can tell you that it sure doesn’t feel that way.

What was that ‘importance of pain’ quote from the movie “G.I. Jane?”

Master Chief John Urgayle:
Pain is your friend, your ally, it will tell you when you are seriously injured, it will keep you awake and angry, and remind you to finish the job and get the hell home. But you know the best thing about pain?

Lt. Jordan O’Neil:
Don’t know!

Master Chief John Urgayle:
It lets you know you’re not dead yet!”

So being ‘a whole lot of nothing’ and still feeling the weight of intense pain (physical, mental, emotional), evidently has a function in this life.  “It lets you know you aren’t dead yet.”

That’s likely more hyperbole than fact, but the point is still clear: If you are in the Earth-plane zone, PAIN is an aspect of your existence—whether you are substantive or not.

You FEEL, therefore you ARE, which is likely the point of our being here at this time—to FEEL what it means to be ALIVE, not just to theorize on the prospect of ‘aliveness’ from a higher-consciousness zone like Spirit World itself.

I must admit that many aspects of this ‘earthly-world training ground’ do perplex me—like the ‘true intentions’ behind the actions and repercussions of existing here in this earthly dimension where PAIN is so prevalent everywhere.  

It isn’t that being here is such a piece of cake for the majority of people living at this time on Earth; it’s more so that ‘someone somewhere’ in the Higher Echelons of Spirit believes that we, in ‘earth-plane zone,’ all need to struggle to survive for us to build our character and consciousness away from brutal action/reactivity behaviors toward more compassionate non-violence.

And I’m not sure we are winning that battle for higher-consciousness training at this point in history.

Personally I can easily feel intense compassion for victims of any conflict anywhere, but for the perpetrators of such blatant havoc, devastation, and cruelty, “compassion” isn’t exactly what I am feeling toward them.  

But as the Master Chief said above to Lt. Jordon O’Neil: “Pain is your friend, your ally, it will tell you when you are seriously injured, it will keep you awake and angry, and remind you to finish the job and get the hell home…”

So I guess if enduring the pains of Earth-plane zone have any real value at all, it is definitely in making us better appreciate the less-painful aspects of this world’s existence as we “…finish the job…” here; and in helping us to look forward to returning back to our ethereal Spirit World home from where we originated.

There, ‘nothingness’ is actually something significant when you are in a higher dimension of existence; and lower-frequency worlds have lower-frequency consequences when you are visiting them—like we presently ALL are.

So as we gather to celebrate our ’99.99% nothingness-space,’ let’s also celebrate our capacity for kindness toward others.

PAIN is as real as WE are in this world. Let’s try to eliminate as much of it as we can for ourselves and for all others.


“You’re Not Crazy, You Are Psychic”

I do admit that seeing this title statement in my email box did make me chuckle. And after watching the latest horrors on the news this morning, that was a GOOD thing.

Seriously, how do you know if you are “crazy” or not in a world that is itself far from being sane?

Even the psychology text books over the last forty years have been vastly updated to no longer consider “abnormal” some aspects of human behavior (like homosexuality) that had once been considered abhorrent and “treatable” at the time.

I know this because I thought I wanted to be a Psychology major way back then, until I took some psych courses at the university and found the professors in that psychology department were some of the strangest dudes on the entire campus (no women in the department back then)—they were somewhat creepy—socially questionable—almost ‘horror-flick stand-ins’ sort of folks—thus inspiring me to change my major to ART after that semester.

And when you try to corral the “crazy” subject itself, it is nearly impossible to define what constitutes ‘our REALITY’ when researchers and physicists daily keep stretching the boundaries of what that ‘actual reality’ entails.

REALITY may be more of a frequency range that you tune in to, like turning a radio dial from one station to the next, depending on the receiver’s frequency-range capability. More ‘psychic’ folks tend to have a broader range of ‘radio frequency reception’ (greater bandwidth) than those who are stuck on one station alone.

I know that I’ve personally seen/heard/felt some very strange things during altered states of awareness—even to the point of being unable to shut off the “other-dimension reality” spigot for a time—which was far from fun.  Being constantly bombarded 24/7 with ‘everything’ that is actually around us (in other dimensions of co-existence), is as mentally challenging as it can get, and I’m NOT as psychically receptive to other frequencies beyond our normal ‘reality’ as many of my friends are.  (Our group-gatherings are a ‘real trip’ by any standard.)

When a similar “other-dimension-spigot-opening” accident happened to one of my former REIKI students at a Psychic Fair during her own exploratory attunement with a gifted-but-integrity-challenged person that she had encountered, I was able to calm her down and talk her through it, primarily because of what I had gone through myself.  Meaning: If you venture too far from shore during your personal explorations, you may need someone to help guide you back home.

So yes, it’s a strange world out there—and an even stranger world in hereup there—or wherever our minds actually are, because even THAT is in question—the actual location of ‘the mind,’ not the brain.

The brain is in your skull—the mind is ….well, that one is a matter of opinion because we may be more like tiny satellite terminals tapped into an unfathomable mainframe, rather than stand-alone PCs moving about our daily lives. No one definitively states that possibility as ‘TRUTH’ right now. But it has been frequently ‘suggested’ by many who are able to expand their consciousness beyond normal limits.

So my own thoughts on this entire subject are that if someone tells you: “You are crazy,” whether or not you are more psychically receptive than most others, I would simply smile at the person and say:

“Thank you!  I work very hard at it.”


Expecting Sanity in an Insane World

Sometimes I do find humor in my own ‘arrogant humanness.’

In fact if I couldn’t laugh at myself and how my hamster-wheel mind turns, then there would be little to laugh about in this world.

My closest group of friends, like the rest of the world around us, is undergoing their own set of personal challenges with devastating collateral consequences. So when they tell me of their latest trials and tribulations I nod or offer supportive words as a good friend would do; and then simply suggest that the collective energies are creating havoc everywhere, and certainly no one is immune from them—myself included.

But at some point I do start to wonder about this friend-group situation and the ‘advisory’ role I seem to play in it, and I think: “Who is the MORE SANE one here—you attempting to offer them solace or advice during their overwhelming challenges, or them flailing about as best they can in their own scattered fashion, staggering wildly around under their own overwhelming burdens?”

In other words: What makes me think I’m SO SANE in all of this collective mess that I can give advice to anyone?

Seriously, I mean WHO is really the sanest person in any insane asylum? Is it the incarcerated person there or the folks who must willingly in some way take care of them—cleaning up their perpetual messes?

Sometimes isn’t it simpler to just give up and play the ‘patient-role’ in the world’s deranged scenario and expect someone else to tell us that it’s all going to be okay despite what we are personally feeling about it; and then expect them to feed and house us behind barred-safety from ourselves and from the harsh world out there—all while we sit around doing jig-saw puzzles and taking our meds to block out the world around us—totally oblivious to the external world’s cruelty and indifference?

Isn’t it actually more sane to let someone other than us, deal with all the problems of the world while we numb ourselves out to our responsibilities and daily concerns? (And while some folks housed in an institution may NOT have a choice in the matter due to the severity of their disease/illness, other folks there DO.)

But then, my internal hamster-wheel starts squeaking madly and I think, ‘Well maybe it IS more sane to let others handle my own burdens—let others tackle the difficult issues around us—in our society—in our world culture—JUST LET OTHER PEOPLE DO IT—all while I distract myself in some way with trivial pursuits and domestic absurdity, pretending “everything is okay” because, hey—“IT’S ALL FINE!”—don’t you know? (Where’s my ‘frazzled cat’ T-shirt when I need it?)

Except it isn’t fine—it never really WAS fine. That’s just the mental panacea we tell ourselves daily upon awakening so we can make it through the day. Isn’t that what most of us supposedly ‘sane folks’ do to get from one day to the next?

So midst a lengthy friend conversation, when I am often tempted to “advise” my dear friends on their current personal catastrophes—like I actually know how to make it ALL better for them—I brake my noisy hamster-wheel to a dead-stop and say only, “I’m sorry for your challenges. It must be hard for you.”   And try to leave it at that.

What the heck?  I figure sanity is overrated anyway.

Becoming the VOID

Saw the image above along with the title: “Black cat climbs into bed and basically becomes the VOID,” and thought, ‘Yes, we perceive the VOID as intense blackness—a nothingness that we cannot comprehend, but is it nothingness or are we incapable of defining the something that it truly is?’

My guess is the latter because I’ve seen some pretty strange, unexplainable things during different states of awareness, so the two eyes staring back at you from the lightless background aren’t that far-fetched a consideration to me.  

There is SO much happening around us or even within us that is nearly beyond our ability to fathom simply because we can’t comprehend/consider the total context in which it can all coexist at the same time.  We keep trying to make sense of it from our current world-view, and it simply won’t comply with it.

Figuring out this world that we inhabit isn’t either a choice of it being THIS or THAT, or it being a matter of defining our existence with a simple YES or NO question that can determine the proper answer. The VOID itself may be EVERYTHING and NOTHING combined, and THAT possibility makes our world what it truly is: where EVERYTHING and NOTHING can exist together at the same time.

Some physicists would even claim that we are far more NOTHING and less SOMETHING than we can even imagine.

In fact I’ll bet the black cat doesn’t even know that he ceased to exist separate from the black hole that he is occupying, because to him the world looks the same from inside the hole as from outside it. He might notice your eyes grew large and your jaw dropped when he turned around inside to look back out at you, but to him you probably look exactly like the same strange human you always did who fills his food bowl and calls him funny names.

But when you consider what ‘the VOID’ even might be, I would suggest that it isn’t a ‘nothingness.’ It is more likely a phase change—a shift in energetic composition from one state of beingness to a different state of beingness; and for us earthly folks to actually perceive that ‘different state of beingness’ one needs to be capable of recognizing the sensory markers that define the VOID’s particular beingness state.

I’ve heard ‘the VOID’ defined in different ways—some being extreme opposites, from the total absence of any kind of existence to the energetic primordial soup of ALL possibility just waiting to be manifested and materialized—like when you are baking a cake from scratch, you first need the basic raw ingredients to combine to make the initial batter that then rises into more solid substance with heat and time. The VOID may hold the ‘energetic ingredients for ALL possible manifestation,’ just awaiting your command to create it.

Right or wrong, I’ve personally thought of ‘the VOID’ as the ‘marginal zone’ where discarnate spirits who have left their earthly body, but who have not transitioned far enough to make it all the way back to true Spirit World because for some reason those particular discarnate spirits get stuck in that ‘gray-scale zone’ (at least as I have perceived it), due to fear of the unknown awaiting them or an unrelenting loyalty to a living person still on earth, or perhaps due to some infamous “unfinished business” that they may still have with the living, as TV shows often depict their reason for sticking around.

A discarnate’s intentions may not necessarily be ‘to haunt you’ as much as they may be trying to make some sense out of what they are currently experiencing, when the world that they once knew now no longer responds and reacts to them reciprocally.

So for my two-cents worth, I may not know exactly what ‘the VOID’ truly is or what its purpose might be in the Grand Scheme of things, but I’m pretty sure it is more than just NOTHING, although I don’t know what the SOMETHING is, that it might actually be.  

Indomitable Spirit

“Here’s to the bridge-builders, the hand-holders, the light-bringers, those extraordinary souls wrapped in ordinary lives who quietly weave threads of humanity into an inhumane world. They are the unsung heroes in a world at war with itself. They are the whisperers of hope that peace is possible. Look for them in this present darkness. Light your candle with their flame. And then go. Build bridges. Hold hands. Bring light to a dark and desperate world. Be the hero you are looking for. Peace is possible. It begins with us.”

~ L R Knost 💚




“You are the surface on which the universe encodes information… you give the universe the surface to grow and learn.”Nassim Haramein

The image above has been around awhile, but the thought is always hard to comprehend so it is worth repeating. YOU are the UNIVERSE expressing itself for a limited time through the sensing/assessing mechanism known as “a human.”

Since we tend to comprehend complex subjects better in more anthropomorphic terms: In this analogy, you may feel like a separate digit, but as individual fingers you are still a part of the larger hand, which is a part of the wrist, arm, and torso of the entire being. You just don’t see that vast ‘BEING’ that you are a part of, much like a fish doesn’t register the water in which it swims.

The pain inflicted on others affects us ALL, directly or indirectly, because we are all from the same Divine Source.

Stop the pain. Heal the old wounds. Expand your consciousness to embrace ALL of us.



BE ONE with the ALL, now.


The Door

Couldn’t choose between the two images, as they both reflect my present thoughts, so will post them both together because I think that’s where they need to be considered—together.

I’ve previously elaborated on the KNOWN and the UNKNOWN (“Understanding Nothing”), so there is no point in trying to squeeze more from that thought; but when as Wendell Berry said, “When we no longer know what to do, we have come to our real work and when we no longer know which way to go, we have begun our real journey;” I think our current IN-BETWEEN zone between the KNOWN and the UNKNOWN is where we begin our next uncertain trek.

Whenever you choose a new door to open and to explore beyond it, you’ll immediately face a complex assault on all of your intuitive sensing abilities and your analytical faculties; and you are forced to muscle your inner courage to go beyond the presently KNOWN into new unmapped territory that might well be full of either ‘welcomed joys’ or ‘existential hazards’—but the problem is that you won’t know which situation you must face until you take those first adventurous steps down that previously unexplored path.

I think we ALL, as a collective presence on this earth, are on the first steps of a NEW path forward, and because we “…no longer know which way to go …” in our world due to the meglomaniacal, homicidal tendencies of one man with unlimited power over others; we are courageously trudging forward step by step together into the UNKNOWN, as a unified counter-force to his unprovoked aggression.

So as Wendell Berry said, our REAL JOURNEY has truly begun—we don’t know exactly where that new path is headed. We just need to step through that door together and ignite our courage to face the UNKNOWN before us.

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