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The Comfort of ‘BELIEFS’

Beliefs, like relationships, are very complicated things.

Many people experience a degree of comfort in ‘shared beliefs.’  Some may even feel a sense of belonging to a recognized and accepted group norm often found in religious or cultural beliefs—where they may feel the welcoming support of their fellow members—welcoming, that is, as long as they abide by the rules of membership to be in the group.

As we are all aware, the world is full of numerous organized religions with specific belief systems of “do’s” and “don’t” for being considered a true believer of that group. The ruling structure of the unified group may even determine that group members should focus on trying to convert non-believers to their group’s particular belief system. Some group ‘converters’ might consider that task their ‘purpose in life,’ or some may simply call it their job to ‘spread the word,’ whatever that group’s particular WORD might be.

Being too numerous to even list here, each known religious group has their own particular perspective on life in general and on the “WHY” of everything in existence: past, present and future.  Some groups are similar in basic beliefs and some are quite different.  (Check out that fantastic graph about The Evolutionary Tree of Religion from my post “Searching for Life’s Meaning” – December 22, 2019)

But even among those who adhere to some form of shared communal-beliefs, whether religious or cultural, every individual still maintains their own personal beliefs that may vary slightly from their neighbor’s beliefs, or even from their other family member’s beliefs, because when it comes down to what drives our individual being forward from day to day, it depends on what we personally believe about the world around us and believe about how we do or should function within that world that we share.  

And what I most want to convey here is that our BELIEFS naturally evolve as WE evolve in awareness and understanding of the complexity of the world in which we reside.

  • As children we were likely told certain things to help us adapt into the belief systems of our parents or of our religious community (or of our society in general).
  • As adolescents we may have begun questioning some of those beliefs because they either didn’t make sense to our growing comprehension abilities or they may have countered what we felt in our own hearts.
  • As adults we may have come into full-scale rebellion on attempts to restrict us to the beliefs of childhood because as we matured, the world didn’t appear quite so ‘one-sided’ as we were earlier led to believe.  We learned that the world wasn’t so much the extreme polarity of black to white or right to wrong, but that it encompassed an entire spectrum of gray variations with nuances of rightness and wrongness to most every aspect that we encountered.  Even religious institutions that frequently advocated LOVE and COMPASSION, at times demonstrated the opposite of it, spewing hate language and condemnation of others.  How could that be?

But even when that BELIEF rebellion first began within us, we felt that we still needed to believe in something, but we just didn’t know what that something might be.  This was likely when you first began trying to find your own truth.  

This was when you first recognized that from your own perspective, the ‘truth for you’ didn’t necessarily feel like the same truth you were once told from your parent’s viewpoint or from the earlier religious-group perspective.   

You may have even noticed feeling prickly when around others who tried to tell you what to think or do because you knew deep inside that this ‘BELIEF-thing’ was something that you had to define for yourself.

And considering the larger composition of our lives, I think we can acknowledge that ‘believing something specific’ about LIFE in general is comforting to us psychologically, because if you don’t believe in anything, then how do you frame your world? How do you view your life? What is the purpose for doing much of anything?

That’s why we relentlessly search for something to believe in, because when we don’t have something specific that assures us that we are here for a reason, then it makes it that much harder to make any sense of our lives.

Beliefs keep us from feeling pointless.

I think we all have a deep psychological need to BELIEVE in some type of system of existence and purpose for our being here—for doing whatever it is that we are doing with our lives.  And as long as we recognize that our NEED for BELIEF is often what defines our life perspective, then I think we maintain a healthy view of our existence in general because we know that we tend to feel better about ourselves if we believe in SOMETHING, rather than having a deep, dark hole inside where the ‘meaning of our lives’ should instead be sitting.

My own beliefs have certainly evolved over the years. At present what I believe has more to do with what I personally experience and perceive about the world around me rather than what anyone else “tells me” is the truth about our shared life experience.  I’ve read a bunch of comparative religions, philosophy, and psychology books. I’ve studied Hinduism, Buddhism, Animism, Shamanism, and had various meditative and spiritual-journeying personal experiences, along with having slowly developed a few psychic-perception skills over the years; and what I know for certain is that what we think that we know of this world that we all share is minuscule compared to what may actually be occurring to us on all levels of our being, because we exist beyond this plane/dimension of existence—that has been proven to me many times. I have seen it for myself.

But these are the some of the core issues that you need to determine for yourselves.  You need to define your own beliefs—which means, you need to find your own truths.

You certainly don’t have to buy into any beliefs that I may share here in this blog—no matter how hard I’ve fought to make sense of all the personal experiences that I’ve had to date.

Just be willing to fight for your own beliefs—to see life as only YOU can see it. Then share your discoveries with the rest of us to help ALL of us see that LIFE is far more than we often give it credit for being. 

So by all means, do your own thing.  But do it with intention! Then at least you’ll be aware of what it is that you are continually searching for—which is your own truth.  


The Wounded-Child Within

Love that picture above.  

It expresses so clearly our inner need for closeness without all these additional words that I will soon add here. It shows our need to reach out to others and to be recognized and ACCEPTED by others—to truly be seen as a ‘being of substance’ within the structural framework of who we pretend to be when we isolate ourselves and try to protect ourselves from future social rejection or from the devastating pain of heartache.

No matter how large we become or how old that we grow, somewhere deep inside us is that small, vulnerable being who once needed parental love and nurturing—who craved acceptance and support from those closest to us, especially from those people who were meant to protect us from harm and to keep us safe and secure while we were growing up as children—parental figures who should have provided us with plenty to eat and a warm place to sleep—where fear and worries were something unimaginable to us.

But what was just described may not have been your earliest memories.  Unfortunately there are a lot of wounded children within many of us who are still craving the love and acceptance of others, but are instead feeling trapped by their own defensive adult structure that grew up protectively around them. 

Many children had to learn early on how to protect themselves. Some may have repeatedly tried to do that, but were beaten back into submission through their life situations until they simply stopped trying to defend themselves and merely learned what was most necessary to do to survive their ordeal at the time.

If that picture above really resonates with you or if it makes you feel uncomfortable, then there is something in that personal feeling of discomfort that should be explored—by yourself through journaling, or by a therapist or a certified counselor, or explored through some type of therapeutic process that allows you to safely review those earliest remembered reasons for why you first learned to withdraw socially or hide from others, or learned to keep your inner-most feelings stuffed deep down inside so they wouldn’t make you vulnerable to others who had complete control of your life long before you were capable of protecting yourself. 

Please recognize that there are many people who can currently help you to better support your once-wounded inner child; and one of the most important people who can lead that intentional rescue is YOU.  

Please be willing to open a new, safer space for your inner child to breathe freely again—let it know that there are others who truly DO care about it—others who DO care about YOU.  

Let that inner child know that there are people in your life who can appreciate you just as you are, even if you currently feel defective or wounded in some way—others who can support you—others who can help you to grow stronger and be better able to handle life’s challenges again.  

But first and foremost, YOU have to be the one who leads the charge for a life change. This is what personal transformation is all about—recognizing a need to change some aspect of your life—to make it better—to make your life more desirable to live—to find your true JOY in life. It’s not too late to find it!

Have the courage of those two little inner-beings in that picture above who are reaching out to each other.  

In the essence of our life experience, that is WHY we are here.  

Explaining the Five Planes of the Upper World

I had recently read Alberto Villoldo’s blog posts on the five planes of the Upper World, and thought I could recognize some aspects that I personally had witnessed during my own Shamanic Journeying or had unexpectedly “seen” for myself during sudden glimpses of planes of existence beyond on our own.

Villoldo’s 1st and 2nd plane explanations are here:

Here is the page for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th plane:

After reading his explanations, I would correlate what I personally call “Spirit World” to Villoldo’s 4th plane of the Upper World, but I’m pretty sure I’ve witnessed bits of the lower three planes as well.  While I’m not as psychically gifted as many of my friends are, I have had shocking moments of sudden visuals or audials that could align to Villoldo’s written description of those planes. 

The dark 1st plane must be where I’ve seen the wandering souls who appeared to me to look like 3-D photographic negatives moving about against a dark, gray-scale world.  There’s a very heavy energy there and not one you want to linger in for long.  During my brief exposures to that realm, I tried to help those I’ve found there to move higher into the light toward their true Spirit Home, but I’m not sure that I was successful in doing so, and perhaps as Villoldo claims, they have to reach that awareness for themselves.  

To me it was not a place you’d want to visit, let alone reside in—that I know for certain. I’m guessing that many of the folks there are recent deaths or ones who aren’t aware that they have died—they only know that they can’t seem to communicate with anyone any longer and they seemed angry, frustrated, or frightened.

That 2nd plane of plant world seems vaguely familiar—like in a dream-like world where you are wandering in a jungle until the overwhelming beauty of a particular plant comes into sudden display before you—and it’s almost like you can share thoughts with them—which was also quite bizarre.  I know that I gained a much greater awareness and appreciation for our houseplants after that brief excursion.  I now do believe that plants possess a form of consciousness, but it’s somewhat different from our own.

In fact what I weirdly experienced once in a physical-world outdoor setting was that plants, rather than referring to us as “humans”, may call us “the two-leggeds”, which may also be different in their life-form assessment from the “four-legged” roamers of the earth.  I suppose if you lead a fairly stationary existence, the mobility of the other earth-forms around you is a key recognition point—especially when you are often the recipient of their behaviors.

Case in point:  Our shaman group was in a wooded meadow one day, all doing our own separate awareness-exercises, and I was meditating in front of a small, freshly-wounded tree (lower limb was damaged; busted back at an odd angle like something large had plowed through the area too close to it). 

As was directed by our instructor, I was sitting there, eyes closed in a meditative state asking for personal healing for myself, when from out of the total silence I heard an angry voice as clear as day, say: “These two-leggeds think they are SO smart.  They know NOTHING!  NOTHING!”  

I bolted upright, looking all around me for who had made that fairly angry statement, but there was no one anywhere near me—no person, no animal,…just that wounded-looking little tree I was sitting directly in front of.  And there I was in all my hubris asking that small damaged tree to take my burdens into the earth.  The tree was right—we truly ARE ignorant. (But it did guilt me into giving it REIKI in trade while I sat there.)

That 3rd plane must be where I saw my deceased parents who were in a denser-energy, more natural environment. They seemed to be working in a garden-type setting with a semi-twilight background—but there were visible muted colors in the scene so it wasn’t the photo-negative, gray-scale world.  I had the feeling that they were ‘stuck’ there—or were not where they needed to be, so I tried to communicate with them both to help them move on, but got little response. This would correlate to Villoldo’s explanation of that plane as well.

The 4th plane I am more familiar with as it must represent the Spirit World that my clients and I have visited after the death of a previous life experience. Very bright place of intense light—lots of activity—lots of spirits moving around doing whatever it is that they do there.  This is definitely the place you want to go after death. This is the plane that feels the most comfortable and most familiar to us after our earthly excursions away from Spirit HOME.

Just saying, if by chance after death you find yourself in one of the lower planes of Upper World, hold to the memory that there IS a TRUE SPIRIT HOME of love and light, and THAT is where you want to go.  Ask to be taken there—remember it exists—think about it—what it looks like—ALL light and brightness, a feeling of being loved and accepted—a true feeling of coming HOME again. That is the goal after death—to go to your TRUE Spirit Home.  

That 5th plane, I haven’t seen directly, but I’ve seen some of the BEINGS who supposedly reside there and I’ve felt the loving energy that they exude when near me—it is unmistakable—very high frequency energy.  This level is the highest frequency of the planes of the after world, or of the Upper World as Alberto calls it. Supposedly your High Self also resides in that plane—the High Self is the composite database of all your earthly Spirit experiences, and it is to the client’s High Self that I make the request to guide a hypnosis client to a previous life that would further explore an issue still plaguing the client in the present life. The High Self never fails to deliver the results. — You are connected into the 5th plane through your High Self.


So at least for me, Alberto’s explanation of the five planes of the Upper World helped me better understand some of the very strange experiences I’d previously had when my visual/auditory psychic-awareness unexpectedly peaked and produced seemingly nonsensical situations for me to try to make sense of in some way.  

Hopefully Alberto’s explanation of the five planes of the Upper World is a viable possibility toward better understanding the overall mystery of the LIFE/DEATH experience that we all must face—over and over again.  It definitely helped me to clarify many previous odd and random personal psychic experiences that just wouldn’t jive with what I knew of ‘Spirit World’ from my own hypnosis practice.

And as I’ve said many times, we ALL are trying to make sense of our current life experience. Sometimes that attempt to ‘make sense’ seems a hopeless task that refuses to align to what we think that we already know; and sometimes it merely opens our limited awareness to the fact that there is LITTLE that we actually DO KNOW for certain about this LIFE.  

All I know is that LIFE isn’t what it seems to be on the surface.  You can believe whatever it is that you wish to believe.  But when you start to rack up experiences that simply won’t correlate with those beliefs, then maybe your beliefs are what you should question.  And maybe it’s time to consider some NEW beliefs or to simply NOT NEED to believe anything in particular—to just observe, experience, and keep an open mind about it all, recognizing that knowledge comes in stages and steps when the recipient is capable of assimilating it.

You know, there aren’t many 3-year-old ‘Molecular Biology’ PhD candidates; and there is a good reason for that.

Surface Tension

A water droplet maintains its spherical containment area due to something called “surface tension,” which roughly means that the elastic quality of the outer membrane-like surface of the droplet is dependent on external pressure inward versus internal pressure outward, plus the tendency of water molecules to prefer each other’s company over the company of the air molecules surrounding them—sort of a familiarity bias.

The true physics explanation of why a water droplet forms in the manner that it does is well beyond me, but that’s not why I mentioned it in the first place. I am fascinated with water droplet images because to me they represent a holographic depiction of the macrocosm within the microcosm—the wholeness is represented within the minute component of that wholeness.

All that makes water “WATER” is visible within the individual droplet. But the truth is that without surface tension, there would be NO visible droplet separate from the wholeness of WATER.

As difficult as it might be to grasp, it is a similar concept to how our individual energetic-bodies remain separated from each other and from the world of energy at large. We maintain our own individual energy containers because of some type of outer surface tension that defines us as separate energetic units.

You can say that our physical bodies define our perimeters, and that would be true were it not that upon death our energy bodies rise out of the physical body and continue back to from where they came.  We don’t just dissipate into the ethers never to be considered as individual units of consciousness again.  Consciousness continues, and we, the units of our recently accumulated consciousness through each life that we live, continue as well.

If we didn’t continue after death, you couldn’t request to explore a previous existence through hypnosis Past-Life Exploration, and get a complete story-line package of time-specific visuals and emotions to accompany them—all while sitting in the safety of a recliner in an office setting.

We ourselves are like that water droplet—a containment of conscious energy—a small part (microcosm) of the whole (macrocosm) of greater Consciousness in general, but yet we are a part that still represents the wholeness (macrocosm) of Consciousness within our own individual container (microcosm).

 As a representative water droplet, all that is WATER is within us.

Likewise for us on a human scale, as an individual vessel of conscious awareness, all that is Consciousness is represented within us.

Un-Becoming, Just To Be YOU

“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”       ~ Paul Coelho

Had I not just heard this same thing a day ago during a phone call with a close friend, I might have nodded at the quote when I saw it, but not lingered on it.

My friend mentioned that she had recently realized the point at which she, as a young child, had stopped being who she really was with all of her natural abilities, and had become instead who her religion-focused parents had wanted her to be—by stifling her fluid creativity and bending herself to their demands to be a ‘proper daughter’.  When the suddenness of that recent realization hit her, she was startled by it and maybe even a bit angry over how the suppressing of her true-self as a child had all come about—the point when she stopped being who she once had the potential to be.

It’s true and we all know it, how parents often had that coercive ‘redirection’ affect on us, especially when we were very young.  Sometimes if we were exploring dangerous situations, that redirection might have been for our betterment, but when it involved us being simply WHO we were at the core of our being, then it was wrong for parents to have stopped our natural inner development, which made it that much more difficult for us to overcome the still malingering effects of that previous parental wronging in our present lives.  

And while it’s often easy to blame our parents for ALL of our LIFE problems, wide-spread blaming is likely inaccurate, and besides, that BLAMING aspect won’t help us move beyond where we currently reside.  Anyone can be momentarily angry over something that happened in their past—especially when experienced as a vulnerable child, but at some point we all have to ‘let it go’—let go of the anger that we’ve stuffed down inside for so long, and we need to stop blaming others for our current life difficulties. Yes, cause can have an effect, that’s true, but when the cause changes, so should the effect change as well.

Once we become adults, we must take responsibility for our own actions—there is no other choice in the matter. So if we are still being affected by childhood wronging, then it’s up to us to find a way to move beyond it through therapy or counseling or simply in-depth self-examination in our journals.   

Our current life is now our responsibility and ours alone. We may even need to forgive our parents for their perhaps misaligned or even inept attempts at guiding our young lives, and to take whatever we’ve learned from our overall experiences with them and use those revised understandings to choose our new path forward toward greater self-realization.

Or as Paul Coelho states above, “Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”       

Most of us may have a lot of still-festering bad memories to work through—so maybe it’s time to decode those key childhood lesson points and recognize the intrinsic value hidden within them—maybe we should view our present lives more like we are finally unearthing a long-buried treasure chest simply awaiting our popping of the lid.  We now have the opportunity to look inside that exhumed cache of our once-suppressed possibilities to see who we really are, which means we now have a chance to finally BE who we were truly meant to BE.

Find the courage to take that chance.

Un-become who you aren’t, to become who you really are.

When Life Is Disrupted

This time we are in right now—this total disruption of our previous intentions and of our plans made for the current year and maybe even for the next—times when we were naively hiking up that rugged mountain path and it suddenly crumbled beneath our feet sending us into free-fall down toward the valley below; yes, times like these that have become all too familiar to us, that’s when we know that no matter how strongly we think that WE are in charge of our own lives, sometimes LIFE itself has something else in mind for us.

You can call it a ‘Sit down wayward child—it’s time for reflection’ moment or you can call it a ‘higher-intention’s collective course-correction,’ or even call it ‘a collective initiation’ per Dr. Joe’s description of it.  You can think of it in whatever way that best helps you shift your personal perspective on what is globally happening at present to all of us, but it feels a bit too familiar to me not to recognize its possible greater significance to all of us individually and as a group presence here.  

About a decade ago I was in a relatable situation where my intended life suddenly changed from planning a stable, goal-focused future into something I would have previously called unimaginable.  My predictable life excursion hit a sudden road-block that required an unexpected detour through the ‘Badlands Territory’ of survival-focused existence where it took all of my strength and endurance to simply ‘tough-it-out’ hour-by-hour, day-by-day,  for years, until the worst of my extended ordeal was over. 

So for me personally, at this stage of my life and due to my isolated mid-western location, this current life disruption has been far milder than most others are experiencing, but to those of you who have been personally affected by the Covid-19 virus or the side-effects of it on family and friends, I know that this pandemic has been quite devastating.

And to those of you who are just barely keeping your own and your family’s heads above the water, I empathize and offer words of encouragement and support, which actually mean little if you don’t have enough to eat or a warm place to lay your head, or worse—if someone that you loved has been taken by the virus.

But because of what I had personally experienced during the extent of my own ordeal, I can tell you with first-hand knowledge, how situations that test your levels of fortitude are the ones that most strengthen the ‘inner you’ because they build your character—they heighten your resolve—they help you discover those hidden reserves of patience and determination to survive the ordeal with some semblance of your sanity still intact. 

I could tell you that situations like these presently trying-times amp up your resourcefulness and inspire your creative instincts to meet whatever current or possible future challenges that you might face.

I could also tell you that there are advantages to being “tested” in this manner, but they certainly won’t feel like ‘advantages’ right now. Only time and dissipating pain allows for that perspective adjustment.  

I could tell you that there are those friends who will stick beside you no matter what you must face, and of course there those who won’t, but you’ll find that out quick enough for yourselves.

I could tell you that ALL of those onerous NEW experiences in the ‘baddest of the Badlands Territory’ are helping you to remap the presently inhospitable terrains that we all must share, in terms of rethinking your life in general; and how this arduous and exhausting journey that you’ve been suddenly redirected into, will strip away your once over-inflated ego until you are left with only the distilled essence of ‘humbleness’ as evidence of your TRUE being

It is from this stripped-down, reconstituted-self that you will then intentionally crawl around your desolate testing terrain, sifting through the gritty gravel and the dirt with raw and bloodied fingers, for anything—and I mean anything, to go right once again in your life.

And then one day you will find it—that one RIGHT thing—and that simple discovery will give you renewed hope for a better tomorrow—for a possible better life ahead, that you can just barely see on the distant horizon while praying to whatever you believe in, that it’s not a mirage.

Since the devastating, world-wide pandemic of 1918—over the last one-hundred years of both human and inhuman behaviors—millions of people known and unknown have fared far worse than most of us have ever experienced during the current health crisis. For each of those previous victims or survivors, I offer my personal gratitude—with both compassion for their endured pain and appreciation for their resilience and tenacity to survive it, because those previous survivors, our ancestors, are the sole reason why WE are here now.

For both those who did survive their own ordeals, and even for those who didn’t, they demonstrated what it takes to be human in this sometimes harsh world: It takes love and compassion for others.  It takes determination and perseverance to keep fighting against insurmountable odds; and it often takes a true inner desire to rise above the coldest and darkest hours that LIFE can lay down upon us, to yearn for the warm sunshine on our faces once again which brings renewed and welcomed LIGHT back into our lives.

In truth there may be many reasons for the current situation we all are experiencing at present—some created by humans, and some not.

But the only option for how you handle whatever it is that you must face, is entirely your choice.

It’s up to you to make of this situation what you will—you can use it as evidence of a burden too great to bear and give up your efforts to resist it, or you can use it as the challenge that strengthens your resolve to overcome ALL obstacles that you must face, and make it the impetus to RISE AGAIN even stronger than you were previously.  

These are, in fact, the ‘testing grounds’ of our current LIFE detour, but only you can determine how you will meet whatever challenge that might lie ahead for you, and likewise, for ALL of us through our shared life experience.

Spirit Home: ‘The Upper World’ per Alberto V.

While I in my limited knowledge, proceed to explain subtle energies and the subtle realms co-existing with our own physical earthly realm, I find that Alberto Villoldo is at the same time also providing excellent references to what I’m trying to describe here about the energy body, so I will also offer his explanations here to help all better understand the HOW and WHY that energy therapies do work to help us heal our wounded spirits.

Alberto Villoldo, PhD., and shamans in general, refer to what I call Spirit World, as ‘The Upper World’.  This location is NOT a physical realm, but is instead a higher-frequency level of existence where your energetic spirit goes after departing your physical body.  It is also the location that ‘houses’ all Spirits between incarnations, so as I mentioned in an earlier post with the Emanuel  book quote, “The entrance and exit doors of LIFE are merely mislabeled.  Birth is the adventurous journey away from HOME and death is merely the guide back home.”

Here in this short excerpt from his blog post from April 21st, 2020, Alberto V. describes the Upper World and its domains or levels of attained consciousness within the Upper World:


by Dr. Alberto Villoldo

“…I want you to familiarize yourself with the Upper World, the invisible domain of our destiny and spirit—or what psychiatry refers to as the superconscious, a realm that’s greater than the limited ego sense we have in our everyday existence.

When we journey to the Upper World, we enter this collective superconscious with access to our personal destiny, along with the destiny of our family or village or the piece of the earth over which we have stewardship…

All traditional societies refer to the Upper World (as do many religions), and each has its own map to describe the terrain. There are the Christian depictions of purgatory and paradise, which delineate the levels of purification humans must undergo before entering into paradise. The ancient maps of Tibet illustrate the bardo planes, where a person’s soul atones for his mistakes and then returns to the light after much hardship and suffering. The Laika [Wisdom Keepers of Peru] tell of a multitiered landscape (similar to what the Tibetans believe), which is inhabited by the collective souls of minerals, plants, and animals, as well as the souls of our ancestors. Each of the five planes of this world exists in a different relationship to time, and this is the map that we’ll be following closely in the next few blogs.

The Laika, like many other religions, believe that after your death, you naturally gravitate toward one of these levels of the Upper World based upon how you’ve lived your life. If you arrive in an unhealed state, for instance, you’re consigned to the lower tiers, where you undergo a period of cleansing and purging. Yet if you live consciously, you can arrive at one of the higher tiers of the Upper World, where there’s no time or suffering—only joy….”

Our Karmic History Per Alberto Villoldo

Interesting find this morning on Facebook: Alberto Villoldo briefly discusses Karma and the human energy-field cocoon or as he calls it “the luminous egg”—how at death, our seven individual body-chakra energy centers upload all energy information into the eighth chakra (above our heads) that represents ‘our Spirit container‘ for this lifetime. He talks about how this collected-energy spirit aspect of us then goes to Spirit World for healing, etc. before choosing a NEW body possibility in a next life.  (I said this same thing in my post on what happens after DEATH from my experiences with Past-Life Exploration hypnosis. )

So here is his take on the entire human-body energy transference process from his Andean Shamanic perspective.

The Four Winds Society

“Dr. Alberto Villoldo explores karmic history and how it informs our energy body time and time again.

But HOW Does It Work?

Every aspect of our shared LIFE experience incites insatiable curiosity in me.

About 25-years ago, I joined what was then called “One Spirit Book Club” where you could purchase a monthly book of choice. One book caught my attention. It was about a Japanese energy/spiritual practice called “REIKI”.  The promo said, “Learn the ancient hands-on healing powers of Jesus,” etc., and I purchased that book because the ‘being a healer’ aspect appealed to me.  (Yes, likely the first evidence of a latent Messiah Complex; and since when was Jesus in Japan?  They never explained that part.)

Having read the book which excited me to the possibilities that it claimed, I mentioned it to a friend at work who also shared my more ‘New Age-y’ spiritual bent at the time, and said I needed to find someone local who could attune me in what was supposedly called REIKI.

Two weeks after telling her of my desire, she handed me a business card of someone she had run across who advertised to do that very thing—attune me in the Japanese energy/spiritual practice of REIKI.  And because I have no patience, I called him immediately.  

Within a week I was attuned to the First Degree REIKI Practitioner level. In the next month, I had Second Degree REIKI attunement, and again, having NO patience, I then relentlessly hounded him for the last third degree REIKI Master attunement, to which he ignored me completely and stopped returning my calls.

So after a year of searching for another REIKI Master Teacher who could take me further, I found someone locally who was a REIKI Master neophyte but said he could probably get the job done.  Back then ‘probably’ was good enough for me.

After being “officially” attuned to the REIKI Master Teacher level with my new teacher-generated ‘REIKI MASTER certificate’ in hand, I had fulfilled my wish—I had the energy-channel openings that allowed the higher life-force energies to flow unobstructed through me and into another person; but unfortunately I still had no idea HOW that could actually happen or WHY those newly-replenished energies did what it seemed to do for any client that I worked on at the time.  All I had been told was that the energy itself was intelligent and it did what it needed to do and went where it needed to go.  End of story.  Stop asking!

Of course that was an insufficient answer for me to accept, let alone to pass along to others asking me that same question, but way back around year 2000 there weren’t more than 4 or 5 REIKI books on the market, and all said basically the same thing: Wonderful gift from God, natural healing abilities, and worked miraculously to help others heal illnesses and maladies. Put your hands here and here and here, and say a prayer of appreciation for the energies that flow, etc.  Hey, just DO IT.

But HOW does REIKI do those things?  WHY does it work the way others claim that it does?  No one could tell me that.

As I began my own REIKI teaching practice in 2001, I searched for a REIKI manual I could provide to my own students to assist them in better understanding what we were doing, but there was nothing out there to use, so with my background in writing and experience as a graphic artist, it was easy enough for me to compile a REIKI Manual of sorts for my students.

But what could I possibly tell them when they asked the same questions that were most important for me to know?

That’s when I first began researching ‘energy healing’ in general: What were other practitioners doing outside the REIKI community, how were they describing it, were there scientific studies being done on any type of energy-therapy work, etc.?  I went in search of answers to my own questions about how life-force energy could pass from one person to another in some way, and was particularly interested in why the free-flowing energies positively affected the recipient of the process.

There were a number of new energy-therapy related books starting to hit mainstream awareness at the time; a few of which I leaned heavily on to better understand what was occurring when I worked on my own clients: Barbara Ann Brennan’s HANDS OF LIGHT,  Donna Eden’s ENERGY MEDICINE, Dr. Robert Becker’s THE BODY ELECTRIC, and Dr. Richard Gerber’s VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE.  

Those four books gave me a basic understanding of our being far more than this mass of flesh, bones and blood. These folks had actual knowledge and experience that they shared of their own perspectives and personal practices using subtle energies to positively affect the overall well-being of a client.

From those four books I gained far better understanding of how REIKI functions than I ever did from any REIKI-specific books on the market back then.  And it was with their help and through their insights that I wrote my own REIKI manuals, along with sharing my personal experiences treating a multitude of clients, many of whom I had treated ‘pro bono’ just to gain broader experience in the practice.  

Now after twenty years as a REIKI MASTER teacher, I’ve certainly been in a lot of uncomfortable situations and seen a lot of unusual ‘stuff’ while working with clients; and early on I realized that what little bit of knowledge I had previously gained during my personal research on subtle-energy therapies, was still insufficient in understanding all aspects of what I was experiencing when I worked on someone, so I pursued more and more information, more knowledge,  more research, and more abilities, which led me first to the higher-frequency KARUNA REIKI practice, later to Shamanism, and lastly to hypnosis.  (I’ll explain later how ‘hypnosis’ is far more related to those subtle-energy practices than you might think that it is.)

Again as I mentioned in the title: But HOW does it work?

Well, I can tell you this: We are far more than we often think that we are. We are composed of both solid matter and fields/matrices of subtle-energies combined. And if you are at all familiar with Einstein’s famous equation of E=mc2, then you recognize that matter or mass itself is actually a denser form of energy in motion.

These are the many subjects that I intend to explain as best I can to further help others better realize their true potential for improved health and overall well being.

I’m sure that no one ever claimed ‘finding your own truth’ would be an easy journey. It certainly hasn’t been easy for me, but I hope to make it a little less confusing for others by sharing what little I DO know about the subject matter.

Understanding the Language of Frequency

What is frequency?

As with so many other aspects of life, the definition you seek is often dependent on the application to which it refers.  So in this post, frequency refers to “the rate at which a vibration occurs that constitutes a wave, either in a material (as in sound waves), or in an electromagnetic field (as in radio waves and light), usually measured per second.”

Or as Wikipedia defines it: Frequency is an important parameter used in science and engineering to specify the rate of oscillatory and vibratory phenomena, such as mechanical vibrations, audio signals (sound), radio waves, and light.”

To be more specific: Sound transmits as a longitudinal (mechanical) wave that requires a medium (like atmospheric air) to travel through; whereas electromagnetic light-waves travel as a transverse wave that can pass through a vacuum (like through the vacuum of space), NOT requiring a medium to transmit it.

And that means WHAT to me?

Actually it means everything; absolutely EVERYTHING that you can humanly perceive or imagine occurs at a specific frequency of sound/electromagnetic light-wave vibration that you as a finely-tuned, vibratory-wave ‘receiver’ of sorts interpret as color, or as light-wave strength (infrared, ultraviolet, gamma radiation), or as material substance, or as sound, or even as your wavering emotional moods.

For each of us in our own bodies, these personal frequency interpretations are merely attributes of the basic phenomena of human perception.  

We perceive the world around us using our many senses, and our brains then interpret those perceptions, whether prismatic light-waves of color or heat waves from the sun, or as sound waves from the neighbor’s barking dog to whatever music or laughter next hits our ear drums.  We interpret each of those perceptions as being desirable to us or undesirable, beneficial or non-beneficial, and we then base our next action or reaction on those previous interpretations.

But the more negative side of our being receivers of ‘sound/light-wave frequency’ is that your body can experience some transmitted frequency vibrations as personal discomfort, or a sense of disharmony, or as physical/mental disease, or as thought disruption, or as a whole lot of other ‘dis-es’ that your body (physically/emotionally/psychologically/spiritually) finds difficult to assimilate or utilize.  

THAT is the importance of frequency.  It can have an impact on your total being in some specific ways, or it could adversely impact your health in general.  

HOW could my body be adversely affected by certain frequencies?

  • The most extreme example of humans being adversely affected by certain frequencies is to cite radiation poisoning.  X-ray technicians are required to wear lead aprons to work around x-ray machines because of the degree of escaping radiation from over exposure.
  • Another example would be microwave over-saturation where certain distancing safeguards are necessary for microwave transmitting towers to operate.  That is also why microwave ovens are required to meet certain federal guidelines for containment and safe usage.
  • Or how about a more common ultraviolet light overexposure called SUNBURN, and how serious that can be on long-exposed bare skin.
  • And sound-wise, certain sound decibel levels can create immediate or longer-term hearing loss when exposure is frequent or drastic.
  •  The lesser known problems are with the ultrasound or the hypersound sensitivities such as the use of sonar or ultrasound high-frequencies often used to break up kidney stones or to even perform trackless surgeries in the brain.

The universe does indeed speak “FREQUENCY” on all levels, and it is through better understanding that language that we can attempt to comprehend how LIFE itself is created, to then better understand how LIFE actually functions after creation. 

When you realize that your earthly manifestation is a product of your thoughts and the energies/emotions that you put into those thoughts, then you can better comprehend how the frequencies that you personally hold in your own body/mind/energy field can produce your preferred life results, once you better understand how to use them.  That’s what I hope to show you in the near future here. 

We are far more than just this physical body that experiences the broadly acknowledged sensual aspects of LIFE in general.  We are units of energy operating at specific frequencies—energy units that are dense enough to be physical bodies in this dimension of existence; but we also exist beyond the physical plane, and that is where our Spirit is so well-versed with options and possibilities that we have yet to consider here.

So let’s start considering them.

The Card Said “WRITE”

It’s a difficult time now for everyone; and since I’m such a control freak, just sitting around feeling this collective sense of helplessness, is not within my capability. I’ve read all I could read. I’ve sat quietly—I’ve meditated.  Now I have to DO something—I have to act in some way. Be productive.

And since I’m usually pretty intuitive, I assumed that ‘ACT’ information or that necessary ‘DOING’ would magically appear in front of my face for me to trip over, and when it didn’t, I pulled out a newer ‘card divination set’ (I have 5 different sets) and asked for some hints or guidance on what it is that I need to DO.

The card I pulled today said “WRITE”.  Initially I shook my head because I actually write all the time—in my own journal, in this blog, in the Trash File, so ‘to WRITE’ is not something unfamiliar to me, which made me ponder ‘Write WHAT?  I AM writing.’

In truth I’m an intuitive writer—meaning I write what needs to come out of me at the time for reasons known or unknown to me.  Maybe I simply need to say it or someone else needs to read it—I never truly know.  All I know is that it needs to be said and read.  So basically I write whatever wants to appear on the page.   Some things I post—some things I don’t.

But in answer to the “Write WHAT?” question, what then came to mind was the unfinished book that I had started and abandoned sixteen years ago because it just wouldn’t be written then.  

Today I searched my files for it and read my last attempt to kick it off.  I nodded. Yes, this is what the ‘WRITE’ card is about.  Amazingly, sixteen years ago I wrote the prelude to what I’m trying to explain in this blog. I wrote there about the importance of understanding ‘consciousness’ in general, and how to recognize and live our own truths, comprehending at last that we are far more than we believed ourselves to be.

Prior I had written book three in the HONORING THE HERMIT series, called HTH III: Building a NEW World, and it was widely ignored. The only place it existed was as a PDF file on my old website, and when that site went down, I didn’t put it back on the new one. (But I have since created a separate blog just for that book called “Building A New World” from my HTH book series, and also provide other articles there on attempts at ‘Community Building’ around the world: )

So I can only say that the gist of that book was presciently explaining what we are currently enduring and why, and suggesting how to reframe our thinking about how to create a better world society by examining what are the components of such a place, etc.

I researched the heck out of book three’s subject matter, and the book was massive and boring; and while pertinent, no one wanted to read stuff like that. Who really wants to hear the truth, eh, when you can pretend things are just fine?  So there you go.  But some time after writing that third book, I had the inner nudge to write ‘book four’ called HTHIV: Healing the Wounded Spirit.

Seriously, I tried to do it back then. Numerous times with numerous attempts, and it just wouldn’t come out, so I left it for a later date, and the date must be now because I seem to be writing it in spurts in this blog. So here is a sample of the Introduction I’d already written in 2004 for HTHIV: Healing the Wounded Spirit:  

“I begin this next “HERMIT” book on the subject of ‘healing a wounded spirit’ as I listen to the gentle lilt of celestial toning. I find it humorous that even while contemplating the contents soon to appear on these blank pages before me, that I am splitting my concentration, as most of us do throughout the day, between the job at hand and the possibilities lying ahead.

To live in this earth-plane, we must deal with the physical aspects of this manifestation—finding food and shelter, meeting the wishes of others, making a sustainable living for ourselves and our families by working at some type of job that pays us in some way to provide a service of some kind to others.

I’m mentioning this because I also am engaged in standard earth-plane work besides the higher spiritual endeavors. Considering that all of us must in some way provide the necessities for our continued existence is important in the context that it is through our interactions with all aspects of our earthly experience that our spirits become wounded. During our spirit’s manifestation time on Earth is where the wounding starts, and this is where it must be healed—here in this lifetime—in this present. Here, during our Earth experience, is where the crucial lessons on increasing consciousness are provided to us and where those lessons are hopefully learned.

You might ask, how does someone ‘increase consciousness?’

Understanding every aspect of this earth experience is so vital to our personal advancement that I think spending time to accurately define key words is important. Consciousness, means both an individual’s, as well as, humanity’s collective intellectual, emotional, and sensual awareness—a comprehension of cause and effect in what we do and what we say to others—a knowledge that whatever exists beyond our immediate self is in some way still connected to us, just as we are interconnected with each other on a deeper level of existence.

To ‘increase consciousness’ in the human-life daily drama means to see the newness all around us and not be frightened by it—to embrace the previously unknown, making it now known. Increasing consciousness is to feel compassion for our own mistakes as well as for the mistakes of our neighbors, recognizing that fear drives all of us into defensive and sometimes offensive posturing with each other.

Increasing consciousness is acknowledging Higher Intention interventions into our daily affairs beyond what we might normally attribute. It is renewing and strengthening our link to the Source of all creation where inner guidance speaks as softly as a gentle breeze against our cheek that turns our head in search of the origin.

Increasing consciousness is stopping judgment when it starts and opening our minds to limitless possibilities. With gentle coaxing, what might presently lie at the boundary perimeter of our present comprehension can be enticed into our circle of knowledge.

ALL IS. Life is as simple as that two-word statement, and so inclusive that we cannot begin to fathom the depths of its true meaning. But by remaining open to new experiences and by admitting that there is so very much we cannot yet grasp the meaning of, no matter how badly we wish that we could, we allow ourselves to expand around it like a boa constrictor’s body wraps and squeezes its prey—until we can swallow whole the “truth” of our experience.

So, for each of us in our own way, TRUTH becomes the soft heart of any hard-shelled kernel that we bite into—the nourishing inner seed of limitless potential within the hidden fruits of life. And in this act of first recognizing, then embracing, and finally swallowing whole our truth, we expand our consciousness—increase our awareness of the magic and mystery surrounding us—and in doing so we better comprehend our individual purposes and functions during these brief visits to the earth-plane of existence.

Visitors, we are. Never here to stay—briefly stopping in to sample the Earth’s wares, to rub shoulders with our neighbors, and to extend appreciative palms to the sky in reverence for the experience before we slip back to from where we came.

To live our own truths is to recognize the similarities amongst all of us, because our differences are minuscule beside our sameness. The only importance we must recognize is that each separate view point adds greater perspective to the whole. In sharing our views, we in turn see through each other’s eyes allowing us to grasp the greater significance that each perspective provides.

We are continually expanding ourselves: our knowledge bases, our personal opinions, our perspectives, our interaction memories—expanding all to construct our concept of what being “human” entails.

The human experience becomes a simple rite of passage—a trial of surviving mistakes, of adapting to new environments, of creating and even destroying relationships and dependencies on others.

For us as makers of our imperfect world, we are born to love and fight, to feel and hurt, to live and die. For us imperfect participants in life’s daily dramas, we are forced to learn from our errors, and forced to realize our higher potential to rise above survival-of-the-fittest tactics with each other.

But for many undergoing this generation-after-generation battle for survival, the wounds received during those survival trials are still unhealed. They may have intermittently formed scabs over time, yet they continued to fester and ooze unhealed beneath the surface.

For those who still have memories of life’s harsher lessons, I write to encourage you, and to perhaps even show you how to heal those long-festering wounds—show you how to change your perspective on your situation which helps you to improve your attitude about healing itself—so you can learn how to actively create your own healing, because in truth, only you can heal yourself.

That is the point of this book—‘healing the wounded spirit’—to explain how you, the reader, are the sole authority on healing all aspects of yourself: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Between the first and last page of this tome you will discover how easy and how difficult it can be to regenerate your NEW self, and hopefully help you further understand how essential that subtle-energy aspect of us is, to our every life experience.

It is our energetic life-bloodbecause it is our Spirit.”  

~Rebecca A. Holdorf ©2004

Seeing Clearly

 “When we learn to move beyond mistaken concepts and see clearly, we no longer solidify reality. We see waves coming and going, arising and passing. We see that life, composed of this mind and body, is in a state of continual, constant transformation and flux. There is always the possibility of radical change. Every moment – not just poetically or figuratively, but literally – every moment we are dying and being reborn, we and all of life.”

Sharon Salzberg

(Sharon Salzberg, a Buddhist meditation teacher for 40 years, co-founded the Insight Meditation Society at Barre, Massachusetts with Jack Kornfield and Joseph Goldstein.)