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Living In an Inverse World

As the graphic above describes: Welcome to the inverse logic of an inverse world that we all currently inhabit.

What I’ve noticed lately, amidst all the daily acrimony and carnage, is that if there is one thing that this chaotic time is offering to us, it is a much closer examination of our most unquestioned childhood beliefs—you know, those ingrained cultural beliefs that we’ve always been told were TRUTHs that we could rely on to help guide us through our lives; but they really weren’t TRUTHs at all—they were simply fairy tales—certain view points that others wanted us to BELIEVE were TRUTH.

These types of skewed ‘fairy tales’ told to malleable children are behavior motivators—they often become behavior-manipulation techniques used by parents and teachers to steer young psyches in a particular desired direction, i.e., they are comprehendible examples of the perpetual battle of good vs. evil, or the battle of the EGO and the ID—cultivated conscience against unbridled natural behaviors.

But to discount these old tropes as simply ‘clichéd stereotypes’ is to underestimate their still lingering effect on young minds whose very foundation was built using those primary-belief examples.

The same is true in our current political environment. Who do you believe? Who actually speaks TRUTH in our world now?

Can you tell the difference between facts and fiction?  Do you WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH between them?

Can you tell the difference between a highly-manipulated “infomercial” and a fact-based documentary?

Again: Do you WANT TO KNOW the TRUTH?

Is TRUTH important to you?  Or do you simply want to believe ‘what you WANT to believe’ because it makes you feel better about yourself and about the world around you?

What about the people of your world—of your life—what do you believe about them? 

What are you basing that belief on: your emotions, your longing/need for closeness, or how that person actually treats you?

TRUTH itself is such a hard concept to corral—especially in today’s environment. That’s why it is so important for you to define TRUTH for yourself, especially with such an upside down world in which we currently reside.


“…Sometimes we shouldn’t define people by somebody else’s point of view—just because it’s what we’ve been told, doesn’t make it true.”

Find your own TRUTH—make that your goal in life.

Discovering actual TRUTH about the world may not always be a pleasant revelation for us, but at least it is the firm bedrock on which you can stand to make further decisions affecting your life.

Believe in the clarifying power of TRUTH.

And believe in yourself to FIND IT.


Published by Rebecca A. Holdorf

Rebecca A. Holdorf, has a Masters in English, and is a certified hypnotist specializing in Past-Life Exploration and Spirit World Exploration. She is also a Usui and Karuna REIKI Master Teacher presently located near Davenport, Iowa. Author of five books, she also conducts workshops and training in Self-empowerment, True-self Actualization and REIKI. Her company is Foundations of Light, LLC, web address is . Contact her at .

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