What’s Your Label?

During my own quest for self-awareness, I’ve often wondered how I would categorize myself were I into doing so, which I’m definitely not since I don’t believe in labeling people.

But still, in the back of my mind is that tickling question that asks ‘But what if I were into labels, how would I categorize myself and my views?’

Am I a realist, a pragmatist, an optimist; or how about the less admirable and acceptable labels like, am I a wacko, a crank, a nut-job?  (Maybe it depends on what I’m writing at the time and who might be reading it.)

In truth, does it matter how I or others might label me while trying to fit me into some standard classification system that feels more comfortable to them? It certainly doesn’t matter to me, but maybe it does to them who are feeling the need to do so just to get a better handle on my actual views.  

I understand that to some folks assigning a descriptive ‘label’ to someone might make that other person’s views either more palatable to the assigner or totally unacceptable to them.  But more specifically, is there any value in labeling myself in such a manner to be able to describe my views to others so they can hopefully recognize and approve of the more familiar aspects of my personal perspective?  

Seriously?  Is this a trick question? 

Yes, I’ve used myself as example here to help you see that not only do we tend to ‘categorize’ others in certain ways, we also tend to categorize ourselves—think of ourselves in certain ways—and when we reduce the sum of our experiences and our evolving beliefs about LIFE in that manner, we are limiting our potential for our future expansion of consciousness.

I doubt that any of us are the same people we were thirty years ago, or even twenty years ago, …or maybe even last week.  We change. We personally experience the various aspects of this crazy life and it AFFECTS us—it twists us—it bends us at times under the weight of its horrid, cruel realities. 

And if we don’t break under the pressure of LIFE’s frequent brutality, we EVOLVE in our understanding of the world itself, just as we EVOLVE in our understanding of ourselves in the process.  Pretty hard to label someone that fluid who constantly changes states of being as necessary to the moment that it occurs.  

I think the best label I’ve seen for that constantly evolving person would be to call him or her ‘dynamic’—in constant flow.  So if you want to describe yourself as “DYNAMIC”, I’m okay with that descriptor, but beyond that, I hope you wouldn’t pin yourself down to anyone else’s attempts to classify the amazing, shape-shifting BEING known as YOU, because it couldn’t begin to do you justice. 

Published by Rebecca A. Holdorf

Rebecca A. Holdorf, has a Masters in English, and is a certified hypnotist and a Usui and Karuna REIKI Master Teacher presently located near Davenport, Iowa. Author of five books, she also conducts workshops and training in Self-empowerment, True-self Actualization and REIKI. Her company is Foundations of Light, LLC, web address is http://www.lightfoundations.com . Contact her at reiki@lightfoundations.com .

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