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Wordless TRUTH

From Mystic Path to Cosmic Consciousness

“..the truth cannot be put into words; all we can do is make an effort to render the mystery of life intelligible to our minds.”   – Inayat Khan

Normally I would expound on this “mystery of life” type of TRUTH because that is one of my favorite subjects.  

LIFE’s TRUTH is likely something we may only hope to uncover—IF we are capable of handling the answers that we might find.  Those magnificently-elusive LIFE TRUTHs are wordless to us because we have no comprehensive comparisons to evaluate them in our minds—at least not within our current world-as-we-know-it context. 

So for times like those when we face the still “Unknown” aspects about LIFE in general and the likely “Unknowable-to-some-degree” facets of same said LIFE, we may be stymied at how to describe the experience to others or how to even make some sense of it to our own minds.  I know I’ve had experiences like those, and they were both unbelievably awesome and quite terrifying at the same time. There were NO words that could accurately describe to others those “wordless” experiences.  (I still can’t describe them because I have no context in which to consider them.)

But then there are other times in our collective daily world when expected words also might fail us.  And for me, this is pretty much one of those times because I’m feeling the kind of negative emotions and energies that I really don’t want to feel.  I am furious right now and I’m sure that I am not alone in this feeling.

In fact, I bet that many are feeling what I am at present—teeth-grinding, fist-pounding fury at the stupidity of this entire situation that has engulfed all of us—all because of so many people/news outlets/political opportunists who have been, and still are, spreading blatant lies—lies spread all because of one insane man’s desperate attempt to try to hang on to his dwindling powerbase as the ‘real world’ starts infringing on his malignant fantasies.  

To many people who support this man, there will soon come a time of facing TRUTH in all its disconcerting discomfort.  It simply IS what it is. And this IS the TIME we are in—a TIME for facing TRUTH.

And the only way through the horrors of life as we are now experiencing them, is to stop in our tracks and face down some very uncomfortable and inconvenient TRUTHs.

I personally think that when (and it’s only a matter of time now) many people finally do realize how they have been intentionally deceived, manipulated, and even financially shafted by the very people (or the person) they had wanted so much to trust and emulate, they will become very, very angry—and hopefully they will direct that anger where it is most deserved—at the folks who have been so despicably lying to them since the election results were declared—lying to them TO TAKE THEIR WILLING DONATIONS—THEIR HARD-EARNED CASH TO FILL HIS PRIVATE COFFERS—TO PROP UP A REPREHENSIBLE FRAUD AND HIS BOTTOMLESS NEED FOR GREED.  He has been and still is, using you. That’s what he does—that’s WHO he is. THAT is TRUTH. You will eventually see that for yourselves.

Perhaps when some eyes finally do open and some ears finally do hear TRUTH, no matter how unpleasant it might be to them; they may feel so deceived— so used—so violated, that many may never trust a politician again. And actually that’s not a bad thing.

To me trust must be earned, never demanded by others, nor is it easily given without evidence of valid reasoning for doing so.  I think it was Emerson who said something to the effect, “What you are doing speaks so loudly, I cannot hear what you are saying.”

So I’m all for TRUTH.  I don’t always enjoy hearing it either, but I do know that the only solid ground that we all have to stand on is TRUTH—it is our only common base of understanding.

And I also know that sometimes being “wordless” is a necessary thing, because self-realization is so hard to master.   


Published by Rebecca A. Holdorf

Rebecca A. Holdorf, has a Masters in English, and is a certified hypnotist specializing in Past-Life Exploration and Spirit World Exploration. She is also a Usui and Karuna REIKI Master Teacher presently located near Davenport, Iowa. Author of five books, she also conducts workshops and training in Self-empowerment, True-self Actualization and REIKI. Her company is Foundations of Light, LLC, web address is . Contact her at .

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