But HOW Does It Work?

Every aspect of our shared LIFE experience incites insatiable curiosity in me.

About 25-years ago, I joined what was then called “One Spirit Book Club” where you could purchase a monthly book of choice. One book caught my attention. It was about a Japanese energy/spiritual practice called “REIKI”.  The promo said, “Learn the ancient hands-on healing powers of Jesus,” etc., and I purchased that book because the ‘being a healer’ aspect appealed to me.  (Yes, likely the first evidence of a latent Messiah Complex; and since when was Jesus in Japan?  They never explained that part.)

Having read the book which excited me to the possibilities that it claimed, I mentioned it to a friend at work who also shared my more ‘New Age-y’ spiritual bent at the time, and said I needed to find someone local who could attune me in what was supposedly called REIKI.

Two weeks after telling her of my desire, she handed me a business card of someone she had run across who advertised to do that very thing—attune me in the Japanese energy/spiritual practice of REIKI.  And because I have no patience, I called him immediately.  

Within a week I was attuned to the First Degree REIKI Practitioner level. In the next month, I had Second Degree REIKI attunement, and again, having NO patience, I then relentlessly hounded him for the last third degree REIKI Master attunement, to which he ignored me completely and stopped returning my calls.

So after a year of searching for another REIKI Master Teacher who could take me further, I found someone locally who was a REIKI Master neophyte but said he could probably get the job done.  Back then ‘probably’ was good enough for me.

After being “officially” attuned to the REIKI Master Teacher level with my new teacher-generated ‘REIKI MASTER certificate’ in hand, I had fulfilled my wish—I had the energy-channel openings that allowed the higher life-force energies to flow unobstructed through me and into another person; but unfortunately I still had no idea HOW that could actually happen or WHY those newly-replenished energies did what it seemed to do for any client that I worked on at the time.  All I had been told was that the energy itself was intelligent and it did what it needed to do and went where it needed to go.  End of story.  Stop asking!

Of course that was an insufficient answer for me to accept, let alone to pass along to others asking me that same question, but way back around year 2000 there weren’t more than 4 or 5 REIKI books on the market, and all said basically the same thing: Wonderful gift from God, natural healing abilities, and worked miraculously to help others heal illnesses and maladies. Put your hands here and here and here, and say a prayer of appreciation for the energies that flow, etc.  Hey, just DO IT.

But HOW does REIKI do those things?  WHY does it work the way others claim that it does?  No one could tell me that.

As I began my own REIKI teaching practice in 2001, I searched for a REIKI manual I could provide to my own students to assist them in better understanding what we were doing, but there was nothing out there to use, so with my background in writing and experience as a graphic artist, it was easy enough for me to compile a REIKI Manual of sorts for my students.

But what could I possibly tell them when they asked the same questions that were most important for me to know?

That’s when I first began researching ‘energy healing’ in general: What were other practitioners doing outside the REIKI community, how were they describing it, were there scientific studies being done on any type of energy-therapy work, etc.?  I went in search of answers to my own questions about how life-force energy could pass from one person to another in some way, and was particularly interested in why the free-flowing energies positively affected the recipient of the process.

There were a number of new energy-therapy related books starting to hit mainstream awareness at the time; a few of which I leaned heavily on to better understand what was occurring when I worked on my own clients: Barbara Ann Brennan’s HANDS OF LIGHT,  Donna Eden’s ENERGY MEDICINE, Dr. Robert Becker’s THE BODY ELECTRIC, and Dr. Richard Gerber’s VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE.  

Those four books gave me a basic understanding of our being far more than this mass of flesh, bones and blood. These folks had actual knowledge and experience that they shared of their own perspectives and personal practices using subtle energies to positively affect the overall well-being of a client.

From those four books I gained far better understanding of how REIKI functions than I ever did from any REIKI-specific books on the market back then.  And it was with their help and through their insights that I wrote my own REIKI manuals, along with sharing my personal experiences treating a multitude of clients, many of whom I had treated ‘pro bono’ just to gain broader experience in the practice.  

Now after twenty years as a REIKI MASTER teacher, I’ve certainly been in a lot of uncomfortable situations and seen a lot of unusual ‘stuff’ while working with clients; and early on I realized that what little bit of knowledge I had previously gained during my personal research on subtle-energy therapies, was still insufficient in understanding all aspects of what I was experiencing when I worked on someone, so I pursued more and more information, more knowledge,  more research, and more abilities, which led me first to the higher-frequency KARUNA REIKI practice, later to Shamanism, and lastly to hypnosis.  (I’ll explain later how ‘hypnosis’ is far more related to those subtle-energy practices than you might think that it is.)

Again as I mentioned in the title: But HOW does it work?

Well, I can tell you this: We are far more than we often think that we are. We are composed of both solid matter and fields/matrices of subtle-energies combined. And if you are at all familiar with Einstein’s famous equation of E=mc2, then you recognize that matter or mass itself is actually a denser form of energy in motion.

These are the many subjects that I intend to explain as best I can to further help others better realize their true potential for improved health and overall well being.

I’m sure that no one ever claimed ‘finding your own truth’ would be an easy journey. It certainly hasn’t been easy for me, but I hope to make it a little less confusing for others by sharing what little I DO know about the subject matter.

Published by Rebecca A. Holdorf

Rebecca A. Holdorf, has a Masters in English, and is a certified hypnotist specializing in Past-Life Exploration and Spirit World Exploration. She is also a Usui and Karuna REIKI Master Teacher presently located near Davenport, Iowa. Author of five books, she also conducts workshops and training in Self-empowerment, True-self Actualization and REIKI. Her company is Foundations of Light, LLC, web address is http://www.lightfoundations.com . Contact her at reiki@lightfoundations.com .

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