Facing Our Fears

There is little certainty in LIFE. Some would then quip ‘other than Death and Taxes’, but the lack of certainty in our lives is what gives us that uncomfortable pause—the surety hesitation.

And there is little that makes us question ourselves faster than facing a test of courage, and nothing tests our courage like facing down our eventual mortality.

Those who train for battle prepare themselves for the fight ahead; whether on the battlefield or in the chemo-infusion lab. We mentally ready ourselves for what we know will be a test of stamina and will-power to survive no matter what we might face.  We tell ourselves that we are tough! We can do this!

We’ll be okay. We know this.  But just in case we don’t, we ask for a little extra help:

‘And please,’ we pray, ‘let us face this fight with courage and grace. Let us be strong and proud, and hold to our principles, and maintain our convictions, and have the sheer guts to face down whatever foe may stand in our way until the fighting is over.  Amen.’

Except the real foe that we are often ignoring here is the FEAR that we may be pushing aside—the FEAR that we are shoving deep, deep down inside us—FEAR that we simply don’t want to face—FEAR that turns our resolve to jelly and our bowels to liquid.

FEAR is a very tough adversary, and it knows how to utilize our biggest vulnerabilities. And overall what is our largest, most debilitating FEAR?

We fear DEATH.

In truth, no one gets out of this LIFE alive. No one.  We all have a shelf-life. We all have our time doing whatever it is that we do, and then we simply wear out doing it. Our bodies aren’t meant for unlimited usage.  Our DNA may determine our likely longevity, but our lifestyles often dictate the probability of dying sooner than preprogrammed.  That is just how it is.

While many cultures around the world are more open to this undeniable acceptance of our eventual mortality, the western-world culture seems determined to pretend LIFE doesn’t actually end that way.

The good news—no seriously, there is GOOD news in this—the GOOD news is that you’ve already been through DEATH many, many times because this isn’t your first time in this earth plane.  

Now why I say this is that I’m also a certified hypnotist—but more specifically, the aspect of hypnosis that I most love to practice with clients is Past-Life Exploration or Spirit-World Exploration.  I can literally guide a client into connecting with his/her High-Self which is essentially the functioning database of ‘ALL LIVES’ that a person has ever experienced.  

It is pretty amazing event for both the client and for me as ‘observing participant’ during the past-life exploration process.  Evidently we keep doing this ‘living/dying thing’ over and over for the unique experiences that ‘LIVING IN THIS PLANE OF EXISTENCE’ provides us.   

I won’t go into great detail about the entire PLE hypnosis process, but basically I guide the client to personally meeting with his/her High Self and we then ask the High Self to show the client a previous life experience that pertains to any particular ‘present-life issue’ that the client asks to explore.   I don’t even need to know the issue, as the client can silently ask her High Self without saying it directly to me. 

Now I may eventually surmise what the issue might involve by the previous life shown to us by the High Self and the examples provided that emphasize helping the client to see similarities in living situations where this expressed  ISSUE played prior, and how it was resolved then.  But overall, I simply follow along and ask questions to gather information on what the client is seeing, feeling, and experiencing in that situation being shown to her; and we can ask the High Self to clarify what she needs to know (the lesson, the learning value, etc.) from what the client is being shown, when it isn’t obvious to her.

And lastly in that particular High-Self-provided-life-experience, I ask the client to visit themselves at the moment of their death in that life and describe it—what was happening, how did they die, who was there, what did they feel, etc.  So the client can see/feel first-hand how death was faced in that life and more importantly, what happened to them afterwardsAFTER the client had died in that life.  I simply ask the client to describe it as best she can without my tainting the scenario in anyway.

Every PLE client told me the same thing: that their spirit rose out of the dead body and lingered a bit to assess the situation, and then a Spirit-guide of some sort provided a little information about what had just happened to them and why it had happened in that manner, and then escorted their newly-released spirit to a Spirit World dimension where they received some additional healing energies, some further explanations on their previous experience, and some down-time to fully recoup before trying it all over again in a different life with a different body.

During my 1.5 hour Past-Life Exploration sessions, I would ask each person’s High-Self to guide the client to at least three different Past-lives to explore that client-desired issue. That is three different bodies—three different life situations—three different eventual deaths per client.  So that at the end of the hypnosis session, the client can understand that death isn’t what it seems to be—it’s not so much the END of everything—it’s more like the reset button to an eventual different life experience entirely.

Buddhists talk about reincarnation.  Well this might be similar to that, but not exactly like how they describe it. It’s also not hard to see how what we call ‘karma’ might be pertinent to the next life’s explorations as further study material on the repercussions of our previous actions, but I don’t want to make any declarations of specifics on that subject either.  

In fact I’ll admit that I’m limited in my understanding of it all, but I can see through my own personal experiences and the experiences of others that I have witnessed, how something similar to ‘karma’ could be applied to the ‘reset life’. 

But right here, right now, what I basically want to emphasize to anyone reading this is that we naturally FEAR our death.  Death represents the END of this life existence for us.  But as has been shown to me over and over again through dozens of clients exploring many of their own past-lives, DEATH is not really the END of us because we exist beyond the physical body.  

There was a quote I saved from a book I read long ago, …I think it was from one of the Emmanuel books, and it said, “Death is not to be feared.  Death is NOT the enemy.  The ‘ENTRANCE’ and ‘EXIT’ doors of LIFE are merely mislabeled.  LIFE itself is the adventurous excursion away from home, and DEATH is merely the guide back HOME.”

From what I’ve experienced myself and with my hypnosis clients, I’m pretty sure that statement is true.  At least I can say that I know that it’s TRUE for me.  

While you are here to find your own truth, I just want to assure you that DEATH is not something to fear. The energetic part of you (your spirit) has already survived it many, many times. 

That also doesn’t mean that you should eagerly run toward death as an escape from your current life difficulties, because as I mentioned previously, whatever issues you don’t satisfactorily resolve in one life will quickly transfer to another; and perhaps facing the current hardship without trying to escape it was the entire point of this life experience for you.  I’ve seen/heard that similar scenario from my clients as well who tried to opt-out early in a previous life only to face the same thing again and again until they handled it differently.

So as we stare at our reflection in the bathroom mirror, and we shake our heads trying to make some kind of sense out of being human in this crazy world, the best I can tell you is to just ‘KEEP ON KEEPING ON’.

While that might not be a good answer, it’s the best one I’ve found to face whatever lies ahead for us with the necessary courage and grace.  

We can do this!  

It’s what we do.

Published by Rebecca A. Holdorf

Rebecca A. Holdorf, has a Masters in English, and is a certified hypnotist specializing in Past-Life Exploration and Spirit World Exploration. She is also a Usui and Karuna REIKI Master Teacher presently located near Davenport, Iowa. Author of five books, she also conducts workshops and training in Self-empowerment, True-self Actualization and REIKI. Her company is Foundations of Light, LLC, web address is http://www.lightfoundations.com . Contact her at reiki@lightfoundations.com .

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