Weathering the Storm

I’ve resisted commenting prior on the disastrous situation in Ukraine because to do so would simply be to add one more useless opinion to airwaves overloaded with them, and would be as hopelessly ineffective as all the rest.

But I do also recognize that there is something far greater happening here besides the obvious cruelty and existential aggression that the Ukrainians now face daily—this snapshot in history is a sort of ‘pull-back-the-curtain moment’ to reveal who/what are pulling the levers and pushing the buttons during this chaotic time—the erratic Wizard of Oz is being completely exposed.  And while it seems like an obvious revelation that in a kleptocracy one guy rules everyone else’s wealth and even their lives—meaning that one person determines whether the rest of the country’s people either lives or dies; because to him, all others are expendable to his megalomaniacal vision.

But what is happening right now is far more than about one man’s delusional aggrandizement, it is an actual energetic shift in the world as we know it.  And knowing what is actually happening in the world’s energies may help you ‘weather the storm’ better than not understanding how this BIG energy shift may be ultimately for the better, even though it sure doesn’t feel like it right now.

So I’m putting a few quotes and the link to Lee Harris’s take on the March 2022 energies here for anyone interested, because THIS overwhelmingly disruptive energy-shift is what I was feeling a couple weeks ago before Mr. Bad Guy amped up his homicidal aggression with a flagrant land-grab.  Lee describes the current overall energy chaos very well here.  You can see his entire 35 minute update at:


“March 2022 Energy Update:
Hello, I’m Lee. Welcome to the Energy Update for March 2022. Every month, I take the pulse on what’s showing up psychologically, emotionally, energetically, and what will be affecting us. …

…for this month, we are looking at the themes that we have for March. And last month in February, one of the big themes was ‘power’ and how power is going to be a huge focus in this year to come. Last year, that energy really started to brew, but in 2022, power is a big, big theme on the planet. February started to see this move in – you may still be going through shifting power dynamics in yourself, power dynamics in relationships, or your relationship to power in the world at large. So, that theme carries over into March.

But our first major theme for March is, The Fire and Change Energy of These Times. It is an energetic storm right now on the planet. And I know in some ways that may sound like a very obvious thing for me to say. But the reason I’m told to remind all of us (myself included), is that it will help you on those days where, if you are a sensitive, if you are somebody who is feeling all of the shifts going on or feeling bombarded by what’s going on in your life, just remember that it is an energetic storm.

And that doesn’t mean everyone has the same belief about things and it doesn’t mean everyone has the same life circumstances, but it does mean everyone is feeling it; everyone is caught in it in one way or another. So, whether they are conscious or unconscious about the way they are behaving in the world, you will be feeling the effects of the energetic storm.
So it’s really important to find your center, your sense of peace and your purpose. And I know on certain days, if you’re very busy or if you’ve got a lot of responsibility, that can seem hard to do, but it’s going to be key to navigating these times. Making sure that you have a certain level of support in place, things keep you afloat – whether they are practices that you do by yourself, or whether it’s having important people in your life that you stay connected to – to help you weather this time of storm.

Because the storm isn’t going away in a hurry. This is a very long arc that we’re in, a transitionary phase. And that doesn’t mean it will look the same every month, but it is important to remember what we’re being subjected to. And so, it can have many highs. It can give you many breakthroughs, many epiphanies, and all of that’s great, but there is also this undercurrent of the fact that these are very stormy times on Earth.

So, don’t be surprised if that is affecting your mood, your thought process, your sense of stability. And work a little harder to realign yourself with those things, even if it’s taking 10 minutes out of  your day, two or three times, to just unplug from everything and everyone, sit quietly, let yourself catch up with how you feel. There will be different methods that you will use, but to remain mindful of the fact that it is an energetic storm on the planet. That’s not something you are imagining. That’s not something that just you are going through. Everyone is going through that.

And it’s stirring people up in very different ways. This can also make us nervous, and the speed of change right now on the planet is amplified.
One of the things my guides, The Z’s, have always said is that as humans, we crave and fear change in equal measure. Makes those of us who are into self-growth and personal development – interesting choice that we have there! But they say that we’re often craving certain changes in our life, yet our programming makes us fear the uncertainty of what change will bring. At the moment, we’re in a very big change cycle on the planet. And one that is very unknown, contentious, has a certain energetic war about it, depending on where you look and what you see going on.

We’ve certainly seen a ton of division and separation and fear energy being thrown around. So, just be kind to yourself as much as you can, and be kind to others, unless (of course), they’re being highly abusive. Then you might want to step away and not necessarily be around how the storm is affecting them if the way it’s affecting them is having a negative, knock-on effect on you. So, the positive of a time like this is it asks all of us to understand our needs a bit more and to figure out, what is it that keeps us afloat? What is it that keeps us in a personal sense of (somewhat) balance as much of the time as is possible?

That’s why many, in the last couple of years, have really started to learn about themselves in a different way. There is a positive side to this too. But as we come into March that was the first message I was given and asked to deliver: that we are in an energetic storm. We’re all going through it. So, find your shelter from the storm in practices, people, places, and preserving and protecting time for yourself, even if it’s just a few short periods of time a day where you get to do something that makes you feel calmer, makes you feel a little more reset. It will enable you to show up in the world for the rest of the world if you’re making sure you tend to that. …”


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Published by Rebecca A. Holdorf

Rebecca A. Holdorf, has a Masters in English, and is a certified hypnotist specializing in Past-Life Exploration and Spirit World Exploration. She is also a Usui and Karuna REIKI Master Teacher presently located near Davenport, Iowa. Author of five books, she also conducts workshops and training in Self-empowerment, True-self Actualization and REIKI. Her company is Foundations of Light, LLC, web address is . Contact her at .

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