Becoming a Spiritual Warrior

I really didn’t want to blatantly rip off Alberto Villoldo’s latest newsletter, but what he mentions here is worth sharing in its entirety with others who might have some interest in the subject matter discussed.

In some ways this does remind me of Buddhism’s “Eight-fold Path”—or “The Way to Enlightenment,” complete with the “Four Noble Truths,” and the “Precepts,” etc.; but each culture has a particular way of outlining wisdom/enlightenment concepts—or defining the path to enlightenment per se, and this is Villoldo’s interpretation of the Peruvian/Andes shaman’s (the Laika or Earthkeepers) version. I’ll keep my comments to a minimum until the end as he’s very thorough in his assessment.


Nov. 15, 2021 Newsletter from The Four Winds (Alberto Villoldo’s organization):

“November is a great month to be a spiritual warrior and look inward toward the self and personal development.  Meditating on the sixteen practices that are part of the Four Insights is the theme this month. 

The Four Insights are wisdom teachings that have been protected by secret societies of Earthkeepers, the medicine men and women of the Americas. The Insights state that all creation — humans, whales, and even stars — are made from light manifest through the power of intention. The Four Insights reveal ancient technologies to become beings of light with the ability to perceive the energy and vibration that make up the physical universe at a much higher level. The ancients used their mastery of the insights to heal disease, eliminate emotional suffering, and grow new bodies that age and die differently. 

The First Insight, The Way of the Hero, is associated with the physical body, the material world, and sensory perception. As you master it, you’ll start to see beyond the most simplistic, literal level of reality. You’ll begin to recognize the events from your early life that shaped and molded you, as well as how your parents and culture affected who you’ve become. And then, when you outlive that story, you can craft a new one that’s better suited to a hero’s journey. You can let go of the tedious tale of a middle-aged man reliving his adolescence, or a woman in her 40s trying to look and act as if she were in her 20s, and write a far more original story for yourself. You will recognize the divine choreography of events in your past that have propelled you on your journey of healing, learning, and discovery.

By meditating on the four practices associated with the way of the hero you can create new and better stories.  Those practices are:  Non-judgment, Non-suffering, Non-Attachment, and Practice of Beauty.  You can find more in the first November blog.

The Second Insight, The Way of the Luminous Warrior, is associated with fearlessness.  When we become luminous warriors, we recognize that our job is to use love to vanquish its opposite – and its opposite is not hate, but fear.  Fear is the absence of love in the way that darkness is the absence of light.  Fear disconnects us from Spirit, from nature, and from our own inner selves.  Our challenge is to exorcise fear and its darkness within by embracing love and its light.  The second insight teaches us to wield a sword of light and dispel fear forever. 

By meditating on the four practices associated with the way of the luminous warrior, you can dispel fear.  The four practices are:  Fearlessness, Non-Doing, Certainty, and Non-Engagement.  You can find out more in the second November blog.

The Third Insight, The Way of the Seer, is to walk softly on the earth and dream

In this modern world, dreamtime has been consigned to the domain of sleep. To experience it, you have to lie down, close your eyes, and enter that deep reverie where images appear to you. Yet for an Earthkeeper, there’s little difference between the sleeping and the waking dreams of everyday life. Earthkeepers try to be fully awake even while asleep, and, when awake, they are able to dream a world of grace and beauty into being.

By meditating on the four practices of The Way of the Seer, you will learn how to create with your eyes wide open.  Those practices are: Beginner’s Mind, Transparency, Integrity, and Living Consequently.  You can find more in the third November blog.

The Fourth Insight, the Way of the sage, means you look around and see only beauty.  The sage understands that everything they experience is a projection of their inner landscape, or dream. This means that because we are the creators of each event and incident in our life, nothing ever happens to us. We never need to fix anything in the outer world—if we want to transform some circumstance that appears to be outside of ourselves, we need only to own it and change it within.

The world is a screen that we project our movie onto. This doesn’t mean that the world isn’t real . . . the world is very real. We simply confuse the image we project with reality, trying to change the action on the screen when what we really need to do is edit the movie or change the script. Once you understand that you can do this whenever you want, you’ll forever cease to be a helpless victim or an innocent bystander.

By meditating on the four practices of the Ways of the Sage, you learn how to forever cease to be a helpless victim or an innocent bystander.  Those practices are:  No Mind, No Time, Owning Your Own Projections, and Indigenous Alchemy.  You can find out more in the fourth November blog. …”


Again, not much I can say here other than originally Alberto trained as a psychologist/anthropologist, and then he like many of us at the time, became enthralled by anthropologist Carlos Castaneda’s recently published, multi-part saga of The Teachings of Don Juan, the Yaqui native sorcerer—or the northern Mexico “Man of Knowledge,” as Castaneda often referred to him. 

Thus anthropologically inspired, Villoldo then went in search of his own native-shaman mentors still occupying the Amazon and the Andes, and likely got more than he had bargained for; but he hung in there to glean all he could from the quickly-dying keepers of this ancient knowledge, and in doing so, inspired eager northerners to flock far southward in search of their own spiritual awakenings.

In truth he’s been at this personal exploration and native-shaman education for many decades, and has written numerous books on it—of which I likely have most of them as he’s a good writer and easy to read.

While Carlos Castaneda was later proven to be a questionable reference to actual Yaqui sorcery/shamanism, Villoldo always stayed true to his source material and to his native mentors.  

If you are interested, the BLOG itself is on The Four Winds main page.

*Alberto Villoldo’s BLOG page on The Four Winds website.

Published by Rebecca A. Holdorf

Rebecca A. Holdorf, has a Masters in English, and is a certified hypnotist specializing in Past-Life Exploration and Spirit World Exploration. She is also a Usui and Karuna REIKI Master Teacher presently located near Davenport, Iowa. Author of five books, she also conducts workshops and training in Self-empowerment, True-self Actualization and REIKI. Her company is Foundations of Light, LLC, web address is . Contact her at .

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