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The Mobius Strip—Mind Beyond Death

A mobius strip is an endless looping band where the separate ends of the band were reconnected after giving it a half twist so the eye travels up and over and back again—right-side up then upside down then right-side up, etc.. You know—like the LIFE/DEATH process itself.

It’s a continuum of sorts—a thing with no beginning and no end.

So I think that was an appropriate image for the book cover of Dzogchen Ponlop’s Mind Beyond Death.

And for some weird reason this book has been on my mind lately so I’m guessing it’s time to share the info with others in case someone out there might be interested in it.

Back when I was seriously studying all that I could find on alternate realities, states of being, and life beyond death, etc., I got hooked on reading about Tibetan Buddhism. (I have a personal library of CDs, books, etc. for each ‘phase’ of learning that I have seemed to travel—even an entire ‘book shelf’ for each phase.)  

So back in 2011 I was in this ‘completed the Shamanism phase,’ was still in my ‘Kundalini Awakening phase’ (which truly sucked and still does at times) and was trying to figure out what was actually going on with what I was personally experiencing—you know, trying to make ‘sense of it’ rationally, because my life had become “50 Shades of Strange” nearly all the time back then.

Except ‘rational’ was not a word that applies to the illogical and unpredictable aspects of LIFE; and I just wanted something (more likely anything) to make a ‘kind of sense’ to me even if the context in which I had to view it was totally different from how I had previously considered it.

So one of the info sources I ran across at the time was Dzogchen Ponlop’s Mind Beyond Death, which described the Tibetan Buddhist bardo states of consciousness.

Per Wiki on BARDO:

“In some schools of Buddhism, bardo (Classical Tibetan: བར་དོ་ Wylie: bar do) or antarābhava (Sanskrit, Chinese and Japanese: 中有, romanized in Chinese as zhōng yǒu and in Japanese as chūu) is an intermediate, transitional, or liminal state between death and rebirth.”

Per Amazon books on Ponlop’s MBD:

“…An indispensable guidebook through the journey of life and death, Mind Beyond Death weaves a synthesis of wisdom remarkable in its scope. With warm informality and profound understanding of the Western mind, the Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche makes the mysterious Tibetan teachings on the bardos—the intervals of life, death, and beyond—completely available to the modern reader….”

Per the bookcover blurb:

“ Drawing on a breathtaking range of material, Mind Beyond Death shows us how working with the bardos can be used to conquer death. Working with the bardos means taking hold of life and learning how to live with fearless abandon. Exploring the six bardos—not just the three bardos of death—MBD demonstrates that the secret to a good journey through and beyond death lies in how we live.

Walking skillfully through the bardos of dream, meditation, and daily life, The Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche takes us deep into the mysterious death intervals, introducing us to their dazzling mindscape.…”

Per me:

“Holy cow! Is that what I actually saw?”


Yes, it likely was.  Anyway when I first read it, I took pages and pages of notes from the book; and I ran across that old note collection a few days ago realizing that this subject is what I had been writing about in the broadest sense, but without specifics; so I’ll close this current epic with one last quote and if anyone is interested in the book, you’ll know without my going into more depth on it.

Per Mind Beyond Death, page 11:

The teachings of the six bardos point out the fundamental continuity of mind through all states of existence. From this perspective of what we call ‘life’ and ‘death’ are simply concepts—relative designations that are attributed to a continuous state of being, an indestructible awareness that is birthless and deathless. …That nature of our mind is empty, luminous wisdom; it is primordially pure awareness; it is wakefulness that transcends duality. …”


Published by Rebecca A. Holdorf

Rebecca A. Holdorf, has a Masters in English, and is a certified hypnotist specializing in Past-Life Exploration and Spirit World Exploration. She is also a Usui and Karuna REIKI Master Teacher presently located near Davenport, Iowa. Author of five books, she also conducts workshops and training in Self-empowerment, True-self Actualization and REIKI. Her company is Foundations of Light, LLC, web address is . Contact her at .

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