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The Card Said “WRITE”

It’s a difficult time now for everyone; and since I’m such a control freak, just sitting around feeling this collective sense of helplessness, is not within my capability. I’ve read all I could read. I’ve sat quietly—I’ve meditated.  Now I have to DO something—I have to act in some way. Be productive.

And since I’m usually pretty intuitive, I assumed that ‘ACT’ information or that necessary ‘DOING’ would magically appear in front of my face for me to trip over, and when it didn’t, I pulled out a newer ‘card divination set’ (I have 5 different sets) and asked for some hints or guidance on what it is that I need to DO.

The card I pulled today said “WRITE”.  Initially I shook my head because I actually write all the time—in my own journal, in this blog, in the Trash File, so ‘to WRITE’ is not something unfamiliar to me, which made me ponder ‘Write WHAT?  I AM writing.’

In truth I’m an intuitive writer—meaning I write what needs to come out of me at the time for reasons known or unknown to me.  Maybe I simply need to say it or someone else needs to read it—I never truly know.  All I know is that it needs to be said and read.  So basically I write whatever wants to appear on the page.   Some things I post—some things I don’t.

But in answer to the “Write WHAT?” question, what then came to mind was the unfinished book that I had started and abandoned sixteen years ago because it just wouldn’t be written then.  

Today I searched my files for it and read my last attempt to kick it off.  I nodded. Yes, this is what the ‘WRITE’ card is about.  Amazingly, sixteen years ago I wrote the prelude to what I’m trying to explain in this blog. I wrote there about the importance of understanding ‘consciousness’ in general, and how to recognize and live our own truths, comprehending at last that we are far more than we believed ourselves to be.

Prior I had written book three in the HONORING THE HERMIT series, called HTH III: Building a NEW World, and it was widely ignored. The only place it existed was as a PDF file on my old website, and when that site went down, I didn’t put it back on the new one. (But I have since created a separate blog just for that book called “Building A New World” from my HTH book series, and also provide other articles there on attempts at ‘Community Building’ around the world: )

So I can only say that the gist of that book was presciently explaining what we are currently enduring and why, and suggesting how to reframe our thinking about how to create a better world society by examining what are the components of such a place, etc.

I researched the heck out of book three’s subject matter, and the book was massive and boring; and while pertinent, no one wanted to read stuff like that. Who really wants to hear the truth, eh, when you can pretend things are just fine?  So there you go.  But some time after writing that third book, I had the inner nudge to write ‘book four’ called HTHIV: Healing the Wounded Spirit.

Seriously, I tried to do it back then. Numerous times with numerous attempts, and it just wouldn’t come out, so I left it for a later date, and the date must be now because I seem to be writing it in spurts in this blog. So here is a sample of the Introduction I’d already written in 2004 for HTHIV: Healing the Wounded Spirit:  

“I begin this next “HERMIT” book on the subject of ‘healing a wounded spirit’ as I listen to the gentle lilt of celestial toning. I find it humorous that even while contemplating the contents soon to appear on these blank pages before me, that I am splitting my concentration, as most of us do throughout the day, between the job at hand and the possibilities lying ahead.

To live in this earth-plane, we must deal with the physical aspects of this manifestation—finding food and shelter, meeting the wishes of others, making a sustainable living for ourselves and our families by working at some type of job that pays us in some way to provide a service of some kind to others.

I’m mentioning this because I also am engaged in standard earth-plane work besides the higher spiritual endeavors. Considering that all of us must in some way provide the necessities for our continued existence is important in the context that it is through our interactions with all aspects of our earthly experience that our spirits become wounded. During our spirit’s manifestation time on Earth is where the wounding starts, and this is where it must be healed—here in this lifetime—in this present. Here, during our Earth experience, is where the crucial lessons on increasing consciousness are provided to us and where those lessons are hopefully learned.

You might ask, how does someone ‘increase consciousness?’

Understanding every aspect of this earth experience is so vital to our personal advancement that I think spending time to accurately define key words is important. Consciousness, means both an individual’s, as well as, humanity’s collective intellectual, emotional, and sensual awareness—a comprehension of cause and effect in what we do and what we say to others—a knowledge that whatever exists beyond our immediate self is in some way still connected to us, just as we are interconnected with each other on a deeper level of existence.

To ‘increase consciousness’ in the human-life daily drama means to see the newness all around us and not be frightened by it—to embrace the previously unknown, making it now known. Increasing consciousness is to feel compassion for our own mistakes as well as for the mistakes of our neighbors, recognizing that fear drives all of us into defensive and sometimes offensive posturing with each other.

Increasing consciousness is acknowledging Higher Intention interventions into our daily affairs beyond what we might normally attribute. It is renewing and strengthening our link to the Source of all creation where inner guidance speaks as softly as a gentle breeze against our cheek that turns our head in search of the origin.

Increasing consciousness is stopping judgment when it starts and opening our minds to limitless possibilities. With gentle coaxing, what might presently lie at the boundary perimeter of our present comprehension can be enticed into our circle of knowledge.

ALL IS. Life is as simple as that two-word statement, and so inclusive that we cannot begin to fathom the depths of its true meaning. But by remaining open to new experiences and by admitting that there is so very much we cannot yet grasp the meaning of, no matter how badly we wish that we could, we allow ourselves to expand around it like a boa constrictor’s body wraps and squeezes its prey—until we can swallow whole the “truth” of our experience.

So, for each of us in our own way, TRUTH becomes the soft heart of any hard-shelled kernel that we bite into—the nourishing inner seed of limitless potential within the hidden fruits of life. And in this act of first recognizing, then embracing, and finally swallowing whole our truth, we expand our consciousness—increase our awareness of the magic and mystery surrounding us—and in doing so we better comprehend our individual purposes and functions during these brief visits to the earth-plane of existence.

Visitors, we are. Never here to stay—briefly stopping in to sample the Earth’s wares, to rub shoulders with our neighbors, and to extend appreciative palms to the sky in reverence for the experience before we slip back to from where we came.

To live our own truths is to recognize the similarities amongst all of us, because our differences are minuscule beside our sameness. The only importance we must recognize is that each separate view point adds greater perspective to the whole. In sharing our views, we in turn see through each other’s eyes allowing us to grasp the greater significance that each perspective provides.

We are continually expanding ourselves: our knowledge bases, our personal opinions, our perspectives, our interaction memories—expanding all to construct our concept of what being “human” entails.

The human experience becomes a simple rite of passage—a trial of surviving mistakes, of adapting to new environments, of creating and even destroying relationships and dependencies on others.

For us as makers of our imperfect world, we are born to love and fight, to feel and hurt, to live and die. For us imperfect participants in life’s daily dramas, we are forced to learn from our errors, and forced to realize our higher potential to rise above survival-of-the-fittest tactics with each other.

But for many undergoing this generation-after-generation battle for survival, the wounds received during those survival trials are still unhealed. They may have intermittently formed scabs over time, yet they continued to fester and ooze unhealed beneath the surface.

For those who still have memories of life’s harsher lessons, I write to encourage you, and to perhaps even show you how to heal those long-festering wounds—show you how to change your perspective on your situation which helps you to improve your attitude about healing itself—so you can learn how to actively create your own healing, because in truth, only you can heal yourself.

That is the point of this book—‘healing the wounded spirit’—to explain how you, the reader, are the sole authority on healing all aspects of yourself: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Between the first and last page of this tome you will discover how easy and how difficult it can be to regenerate your NEW self, and hopefully help you further understand how essential that subtle-energy aspect of us is, to our every life experience.

It is our energetic life-bloodbecause it is our Spirit.”  

~Rebecca A. Holdorf ©2004


Published by Rebecca A. Holdorf

Rebecca A. Holdorf, has a Masters in English, and is a certified hypnotist specializing in Past-Life Exploration and Spirit World Exploration. She is also a Usui and Karuna REIKI Master Teacher presently located near Davenport, Iowa. Author of five books, she also conducts workshops and training in Self-empowerment, True-self Actualization and REIKI. Her company is Foundations of Light, LLC, web address is . Contact her at .

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