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Searching for Answers

During times of deep uncertainty, we all search for answers to help navigate through our confusion. Sometimes we find ‘an answer’ that seems to fit the situation, and other times, we may grasp at any answer offered by anyone other than ourselves, because we know for certain that WE don’t know which end is UP, so maybe someone else does. 

Finding answers for ourselves is often much harder than listening to a medium or a psychic who may be quite willing to connect into the ethers for us and provide answers of sorts to our questions. I’m not saying that this desire for others to provide us with answers to our personal/spiritual questions is a bad thing; what I’m saying is that you also have that ability to access your own answers for yourself if you take the time and effort to do so. 

Mediation is a good starting point to calm an active mind that thrives on distraction. If you can meditate long enough to feel more at peace inside, then you can learn to still yourself to actually hear/intuit/know the answers to your deepest questions.

And personally, rather than hearing someone else’s interpretation of messages meant for me, I’d prefer to hear it first-hand from my own higher self or my guiding spirits team because everyone uses their own info-input filter on the world.  And while that medium or psychic could have the best intentions for accurately relaying the message meant for you, they are human with their own biases and interpretation systems that may modulate the message as it passes through them.

Learning to access your own inner guidance system is a part of your personal transformation process—it’s a part of finding your own truth for yourself.

Sometimes ‘answers’ are what we think that we want, but other times the real importance is in the question itself.  Beyond the obvious words that you are using in that stated question, WHAT are you actually asking? WHY are you asking it? HOW will knowing the answer to that question affect your life?

Take the time to still yourself and get to know who you truly are, and THEN ask any question that you think you must ask.  That answer will likely be the one that matters most to your current life. 


Published by Rebecca A. Holdorf

Rebecca A. Holdorf, has a Masters in English, and is a certified hypnotist specializing in Past-Life Exploration and Spirit World Exploration. She is also a Usui and Karuna REIKI Master Teacher presently located near Davenport, Iowa. Author of five books, she also conducts workshops and training in Self-empowerment, True-self Actualization and REIKI. Her company is Foundations of Light, LLC, web address is . Contact her at .

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